The Makers Of Divinity: Original Sin 2 Are Teasing Baldur's Gate 3

Are the developers behind my favourite role-playing game of the decade making a sequel to my favourite role-playing game of the decade before? It sure seems that way, as Larian Studios, makers of Divinity: Original Sin 2, are teasing news of a Baldur’s Gate 3.

This morning, Larian put up a teaser on the company’s website with a big ol’ three (see above), which led many of us to believe that Divinity: Original Sin 3 was en route. But some clever HTML snooping by Twitter user @kunkken (and recreated by Kotaku) leads to a whole bunch of hints that this is Baldur’s Gate 3, officially licensed from Dungeons & Dragons makers Wizards of the Coast.

Before I go any further, allow me to make a brief digression. HOLY FUCKING SHIT.

OK, carrying on. The original Baldur’s Gate trilogy, which ended in 2001, is largely regarded as one of the best role-playing game series ever made. It’s renowned for its brilliant design and writing, and even today, Baldur’s Gate 2 holds up pretty damn well.

The Canadian developer Beamdog, best known for making enhanced editions of old Infinity Engine games like Baldur’s Gate and its ilk, had teased a Baldur’s Gate 3 many times, but that never got off the ground.

If the makers of Divinity: Original Sin 2—perhaps Baldur’s Gate 2's greatest successor—are really making a new one, this might be the news of the year.


    I was too scared to click the link in case of elaborate hoax and held my breath the entire time afterwards.
    I echo your sentiments in the above article. Holy .....
    Please be true!!

    Best news in years.

      You're not wrong! Love me some Divinity Original Sin. Can't wait to see what Larian do with BG.

    You omitted the full title!

    "Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 3" xP

    (I actually loved - and still do actually - Dark Alliance 2; I've wanted a sequel for a decade but this will definitely fill the void!).

    This is fucking huuuuuuuuge. Holy shit. I have been wondering why Wizards want capitalising on the newfound popularity to make a video game.
    Now fingers crossed they use 5E. This could be amazing.

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