The Slayers Saga Will Continue

The Slayers Saga Will Continue
Image: Hajime Kanzaka, <a href="">Fujimi Shobo</a>

Slayers was one of the most iconic light novels of the 1990s, spawning manga, anime and video games. Good news! Creator Hajime Kanzaka is doing a third arc. Slayers is back!

The news was made official in the latest issue of Dragon Magazine.

As ANN and SG Cafe point out, the first new Slayers volume in nearly 18 years was released last October. Now the sword and sorcery saga is continuing. It’s official!


    • Hell yes! Lina Inverse, the dragon-spooking, bandit-killing, flat-chested sorcery genius, rides again! Looking forward to seeing more from Gourry and Amelia / Prince Philionel (the most violent pacifist around). Zelgadis as the straight guy is pretty funny too. Now I want to re-watch all the anime 🙂

      • I rewatch it every few years because that first season is still really great, and Megumi Hayashibara *is* Lina Inverse (no, really, she’s said that Lina is the closest to her real personality).

      • Man, I remember in my cringeworthy edgy-animu years, I used to drop the whole chant for the Dragon Slave spell at every opportunity. Great times.

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