There Will Be A Pokemon Sword & Shield Direct Before E3

A new core Pokemon is obviously going to get top billing at E3, but you won't have to wait a fortnight to see whether Sobble turns into a dragon or not.

Nintendo announced Tuesday morning that a Pokemon Sword & Shield Direct would be livestreamed on June 5 at 2300 AEST. For people outside of the eastern states, that's 2100 AWST, 2230 ACST, 0100 June 6 NZST.

It'll be relatively short, clocking in at approximately 15 minutes. Pokemon will still crop up during Nintendo's annual E3 Direct, but at least this way some of the more concrete details won't be crowded out by Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Link's Awakening, the new Animal Crossing, or Luigi's Mansion 3.

As a fun aside, remember when we asked you what your favourite Sword & Shield starter would be? Turns out the answer was Sobble: 43 percent of you went for the cute little water blob, while Scorbunny attracted 30 percent of votes and just under 27 percent opted for the grass-type Grookey.


    Team Sobble all the way!

    s a d b o i s r i s e u p

      Yup. Team sobble here. Bunny looks like it'll be fire/fighting. Again.

    Good, means more time can be devoted to other games. Was worried it'd be a Pokemon-centric E3 Direct.

      As much as I love Pokemon, I completely agree. Pokemon Sword & Shield will probably be a Pokemon game, I'd rather spend time hearing more about things like the new Animal Crossing, Smash Ultimate DLC and whatever other wierd shit Nintendo is working on.

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