Three Very Rare Games Made By Extraordinary Women

The Strong National Museum Of Play’s latest exhibit celebrates the history of women in gaming, so when we visited the museum earlier this year, we knew we had to dive into its archives. We found a few of the rarest, most interesting games designed by some of the game industry’s pioneering women.

On this episode of Complete In Box, we discuss three games from the Strong’s vast collection. There’s Polo, designed by Atari great Carol Shaw; Mystery House, the first game from eventual King’s Quest creator Roberta Williams; and Wheeler Dealers by Danielle Bunten Berry, which might just be the first-ever computer game to come in a box—with a four-player controller, too!

We even get a brief look at the design documents for Shaw’s Polo and Williams’ King’s Quest, giving us a glimpse into their very different creative processes.

You can visit the Strong in Rochester, New York, and see the Women In Games exhibit through the end of this year.


    • I was super happy when I found a copy for sale in a second hand store in Sydney back in the 90s / early 2000s, despite it being banned in Australia. Thank goodness for GOG across borders, since it still is.

      • My friend found a copy in exactly the same way. i was fortunate enough to piuck it up in the tiny window between it going on sale and getting banned

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