Watch Nintendo's Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Here

super mario maker 2 switch 2019

Surprise! Nintendo's holding a Direct that's all about Super Mario Maker 2, and they're holding it this morning.

The Direct will run for approximately 15 minutes, and will concentrate solely on SMM2, so don't expect any surprise indie announcements. We should get plenty of in-depth ideas about new game modes and extra map-making features. Hopefully, competitive co-op (online and offline) is one of them.

The show will kick off from Thursday 0800 AEST / 0600 AWST / 0730 ACST / 1000 NZST. You can watch it through YouTube below.

What features are you looking forward to in Super Mario Maker 2?


    Hoping to see the rumoured new hardware too!

      There's no way they'd drop that in there, it'd be it's own big announcement at e3 or something. I would like a 'one more thing' though. Unlikely in a dedicated direct however.

        Ahhh yeah, purely wishful thinking on my part!
        Although E3 has been confirmed to be "All about software".

          I don't believe any of the rumours about new hardware. It was 100% certain in the middle of last year remember?

            Well something has to replace the 3DS yeah? The current Switch model is way too expensive for parents. Nintendo adding the zoom feature was a big giveaway imo. Out before 15th July I reckon.

    Would love to see some more themes like Super Mario 64 or even Yoshi's Island (just the art style even if not the mechanics).

      I was hoping for a Gameboy theme or even a Super Mario Allstars coat of paint for the SMB1 & SMB3 themes.

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