Watch Someone Destroy Beat Saber With A Hand Mixer

Watch Someone Destroy Beat Saber With A Hand Mixer
Gif: hu hu, YouTube

Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game where you chop red and blue blocks with correspondingly coloured lightsabers. It requires a lot of coordination and precise movements. Or you could do what one player did and just strap your VR controllers to a handheld cake mixer.

YouTuber hu hu says he scavenged through his local Goodwill for blenders, fans, and any other appliance that spins.

He settled on using a cake mixer because he thought it would be relatively simply to mod. He hot glued the whisk attachment to the appliance before taping his Oculus controller to the end of it. In his video, he proceeds to successfully demolish a player-made level.

The cake mixer hack is so effective on its highest speed that it actually crashes the game. While the practical applications of hu hu’s invention are limited, it’s convinced me that if there is any justice in this world we will someday be blessed with a Great British Bake Off VR experience. 


  • Is it really destroying a game when you have to set up a custom level to allow you to reach the end of a song because of your vaguely novel idea?

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