What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

With one of the country’s biggest esports events reaching the playoffs stage, it’s a good weekend for some casual spectating.

I’m talking about IEM Sydney, the Intel Extreme Masters tournament that has been a regular feature at Homebush and Qudos Bank Arena for the last few years now. It’s been running for the majority of the week, but the playoffs only start from today. I’ll be spending some time at the arena today and tomorrow, even though the status quo has still remained: no Australian teams made it out of groups.

Beyond that, I’m looking forward to catching up with some more Killing Eve and finally finishing off the latest Terrace House season. There’s a new Tokyo show coming out this year, according to a set shot from one of the panellist’s Instagram.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Continuing to rewatch GOT (5 seasons down so far), Hacking away at FFIX on Switch (delightful game, terrible port) and resuming Borderlands 2 on PS4 (playing as Zer0. Lots of fun).

    • Zer0 is best. I prefer sniper build, although I do have a weakness for using him as a shotgun assassin.

      • I agree! After coming away from an Axton playthrough, I was shocked at just how good the sniper perks are. And he’s giving me an appreciation for shotguns that was dearly lacking last time through 🙂

  • Hitting the Division 2 end game stuff, hunting Valkyries in God of War (Amazing game, don’t know why I waited) and I should really get back to churning through AC Odyssey.
    Might also finally start Shadows of the Tomb Raider.

    • I’ve been having good flash-back vibes for GoW on it’s anniversary. It was only the Valkyrie Queen that stopped me getting platinum. I found all the other valkyries really easy, actually, but I was OP from having done a completionist run before tackling them. I might have dies half a dozen time on the Queen, then watched a few youtube vids on how to beat her and decided, nop, I’m never learning that many quick-triggered combat patterns, game over.

      • I thought it would be harder than it was. Having killed the rest of them, you are actually very well-positioned to kill the queen.

        Just gotta learn when to block, attack and roll away.

      • First time I found one I was half way through the game and got thrashed.
        Now that I’m at the stage where I’m supposed to fight them it’s certainly easier and even though it’s hard to label them in terms of easiest to hardest, it does feel like each one is trying to improve different aspects of your combat efficiency, for something bigger, it’s a neat little challenge.

    • Valkyries are life. The queen is an absolute bitch. Given how much I hate hyper-challenging game activities, I’m still shocked I could be bothered beating them all lol

      • Only four so far, working my way toward the one in Muspelheim at the moment and trying to upgrade all my stuff (which I didn’t do at all during the main game lol)

  • Decided not to do the speed-run of Ico and am now about 30+ hours into Kingdoms of Amalur. It’s a surprisingly awesome game. Great combat and character customisation systems. Artwork is top-notch and the writing is decent for a WoW-esque RPG. Enjoying it a lot.

    Still grinding up my 20,000 monster kills in Dungeon Travelers 2. I have a feeling I’m about 75% there.

  • Yoshi’s Crafted World. Finishing it up. Just need the crafts for the final world, then the main boss battle for the final gem, and the after-game stuff.

    Not sure what else I’ll tackle. Maybe…:
    Bayonetta 2 (second half)
    Punch-out (NES)
    Pokemon Let’s Go

  • I’ll be hitting up Mass Effect. I’m going for my second run on the trilogy again. Must admit the first one still holds up (apart from the combat) on Xbox One X. Still looks sharp. The characters and storyline are some of the best in gaming. And hopefully some World War Z. And hopefully dust Ep of Life is strange 2

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