What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It takes about nine hours to get back from Taipei to Sydney, not accounting for time spent waiting at the airport and going through security. That’s probably enough time for a first class century, right?

I’ve been playing a bit of Cricket 19 on the Switch, which sadly doesn’t feature any catches as good as that blinder from Ben Stokes last night. I’m only in the early days of the career, so no test or T20 international games yet. My player is pretty rubbish, mind you, so it’s for the best.

Beyond that, I’ve been given Team Sonic Racing a whirl. I loved Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, and not having those tracks transition to water or the sky … I miss it. But there’s more to explore there before making judgement.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Plan is to finish getting the gambit pinnacle weapon before seasons end on Tuesday in Destiny 2, and to play Rise of the Tomb Raider, with some Dead Cells just before bed on the switch

  • Still chipping away at Assassins Creed Odyssey. No doubt will be playing more board games too. Current favourite Great Western Trail. And our usual biweekly Gloomhaven session.

  • Some Destiny – might dip into Gambit and get the envoy kills I need for Delirium while the 3x Infamy is up and the matchmaking pool’s diluted. Some Diablo 3 – finish off the season chapters and see maybe go for the slayer level; only ever had the patience to get to T10 or higher once since RoS launched, so probably won’t go for Champion. Might finish off Days Gone at last, too.

  • Layers of Fear 2 dropping has prompted me to finally check out LoF1 which is cheap as chips on PS store. Lights out, headphones on..eeek.

  • Finally got Seikiro so throwing myself at a wall for a bit, get some stuff done in Warframe and for some reason I’m back on Wildlands.
    Got a bit of an Ark itch so maybe get a little dino hunting in.

  • I’m playing host to my family this weekend so not much gaming for me. Probably some Mass Effect or Rage 2 on Sunday night.

  • Just grabbed Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for teh Switch, so that will get some game time.
    Also Dauntless, hopefully make my way through a few more hunts.
    And Satisfactory to continue the factory

    • I got New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe a month or two ago as well… have really struggled to get through it (world 5 of 8 so far). I’m finding it a lot more unforgiving compared to other side-scrolling Mario games (I’m getting Lost Levels frustration flash-backs sometimes), and I haven’t even got onto New Super Luigi U yet. That might be because I’m insisting on collecting all three hidden coins every level; and they do give you plenty of lives to retry. I think I might need to change to the easier characters (Peach, Toadette) now and then to keep me going. I also hate having to keep the run button held down…

  • Provided I can find the spare time I’ll be playing Blood & Truth and Trover Saves the Universe. Played a bit of Blood & Truth last night it’s some of the most fun I’ve had with the PSVR.

  • My current playlist the last few weeks are: RDR2, Far Cry 5, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.

    RDR2 really is amazing. You have to take your time with it, succumb to the pacing. It has arguably the best writing I’ve seen in gaming. It’s also one of the best for environmental design. But it is a Rockstar game, so the mechanics and story structure is very typical of what they’ve done the last 15 years. Still happy to say GoW reboot is the GoTY, but close competition.

    Far Cry 5 has finally fatigued me in the usual Ubisoft way… had to take a break for almost a week. 80% complete, nearly finished.

  • Yakuza 0, Assetto Corsa or maybe even dust off a Zelda game, i’m a right sucker for anything by Kairosoft at the moment though…..

  • I have similar misgivings early days with ‘Sonic Team Racing’ – ‘Transformed’ was so good, and this feels, I dunno, a bit lacklustre in comparison. But still I’ll persist with it. Also very much enjoying ‘Void Bastards’ – reminds me in terms of art style of the criminally under appreciated shooter ‘XIII’ – and the gameplay has been fun so far (the risk/reward seems very well balanced). I’m also playing a bit of Portal-inspired puzzler ‘Neverout’, which also reminds me of the Canadian horror film from the mid-90s ‘Cube’. It’s a bit clunky but fun enough.

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