What Cartoon Sonic Looks Like In Movie Sonic’s Trailer

What Cartoon Sonic Looks Like In Movie Sonic’s Trailer

While we wait to see the official redesign of Sonic the Hedgehog for the upcoming movie, animator Artur Baranov has gone in and completely changed the film’s trailer, replacing movie Sonic with a more familiar-looking hedgehog.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Delayed To 2020 To Fix Sonic's Look

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been delayed from November 2019 to 14 February 2020 in the US in order to tweak the design of the CG Sonic character, according to a tweet from director Jeff Fowler.

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Like Edward Pun’s effort, then, only this one’s actually moving and running and getting shot in the leg.

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  • Exactly, I mean how did they ever end up going the way they did, it is really confounding. This fan version is already 100x better.

    • I dunno how that original version ever got the green light. It literally looks like someone dressed in a bad Sonic the Hedgehog costume. Like, the proportions are very humanoid. How were Sega actually okay with that?

  • I balked at the first trailer…

    I want to see this movie thanks to that. I really do. That one change, making the character actually look like Sonic, really made all the difference :O

    • It’s like having Sonic more faithful to the original and looks less “real” makes the other cartoony humour work better and feel less awkward.

      It’s also just a really impressive feat of animation that one person re-edited a new model into an already existing trailer.

      • Like even their version doesn’t look anything at all like a hedgehog… so why try to make it more “realistic”? If Sonic is definitely whatever they make him to be in the movie, alien/ intradimensional/whatever… why not just go for a full “unreal” cartoony look?

        • Detective Pikachu is a current and relevant example of how it can be done right. Specifically with Pikachu (but also the other Pokemon from what I’ve seen), they didn’t try change his proportions, they didn’t try make him more mouse-like (or human-like), they just gave him textures and animations that suited a “real” environment. I think the Sonic in this fan video could do with pushing the fur/quill texture further tbh

  • I know I’m gonna cop some hate for this but I can kinda see why they tried to make a more realistic Sonic.
    I mean the normal one looks good compared to the monster the went with but from a live action perspective the first thing through my head with this one was, “So…..does that mean he has one really big eye with two pupils?”
    Like seriously, all these years playing Sonic and I never noticed his entire head is stretched around a massive eyeball because cartoons right?!

      • Yeah but that’s established, I’ve never had to think about the eye before and now I can’t unsee it.

        On another note now I want to see somebody do the trailer with a real life normal sized hedgehog, complete with cute little booties and gloves because why the hell not at this stage.

  • I liked what they tried with the new sonic design, save for the teeth. If they actually went and made it more like this fan design I’d be disappointed.

    I appear to be in the vast minority for this though

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