World Of Warcraft Classic Beta Players Are Reporting Bugs That Are Actually Just Features From The Past

World Of Warcraft Classic Beta Players Are Reporting Bugs That Are Actually Just Features From The Past
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World Of Warcraft is an old game that has changed a lot since it was first launched back in 2004. Many players might have forgotten just how the game worked back then and as a result, players with access to the new classic version of the game are reporting old features as bugs.

World of Warcraft Classic is currently in beta, which means some players are getting a chance to experience a much older version of the MMO ahead of its release. WoW Classic is based on how WoW played in August 2006, back around update 1.12. Back then, things were different. Tauren hitboxes were much larger, sitting could cause certain combat effects to not trigger and completed quests were marked with dots and not question marks. Strange days.

These differences and classic features are causing some confusion among beta testers, who are submitting bug reports based on features that are working as intended. For example, creature spawn rates are much lower and slower in this version of the game. That’s not a bug, that’s just old World of Warcraft.

In response to these false bug reports, Blizzard has released a “not-a-bug list.” This list contains about dozen different things that aren’t broken or wrong, but working exactly how Blizzard wants them too.

There is an actual bug list of real problems, but that is very different than the list below.

It seems Blizzard feels some players have incorrect memories of how WoW used to work and made this list to help gently remind players that World of Warcraft was a much different game back in the day.

One player said in a comment posted in response to the list, “Yeah people don’t realise the sheer enormity of game system evolution WoW has gone through since release.

I’m not the biggest fan of BoA by any stretch, but I’ve played since closed beta vanilla, and I doubt I’ll be going back to classic. Levelling was painful. Experiencing these old systems once was enough.”


  • I particularly like “Quest objectives and points of interest are not tracked on the minimap”. People have it a lot easier now. Back in the day the quests weren’t all that descriptive either, usually just “Head north of this particular location to find the quest objective” but wouldn’t say how far north and the objective was usually not EXACTLY north either.

    • Yup. It was annoying when it was like “East of this point” and then you searched for 2 hours and “east” was actually more SOUTH.

      Also I still have nightmares of killing murlocs for their eyes.

      • Or that quest in Wetlands for Sida’s bag. You had to kill sludges over and over again for what seemed like a 1% drop chance on that quest item. God that was awful.

        • Yeah the completionist in me could never leave a quest undone. So yes… hours stuck in the same place killing slimes.

          Man I just clicked and remembered that quest….

    • There was one in arathi highlands where you had to kill mobs for a liver (or some other organ) and there were two groups of mobs with the same name in different areas in arathi. One group would drop the item, the other never did. That was fun… 50 kills before getting the shits and looking it up on thottbot.

  • i would revisit classic. not going to rush it since i dont have that kind of time. maybe 5 hours a week max.

    • We will see you at lvl 60 in about 2 years. LOL but yeah best off just cruising through the content no real reason to rush just “enjoy it”.

    • The rush to 60 is mute to having a gear and balanced raiding tean for Molten Core…

      The real race is to perfectly gear an L19 Twink for PvP without accidently leveling it to 20.

        • Exp locking was not introduced until a later expansion I think. So its old school twinking… running to Wailing Caverns and Booty Bay and Gurubashi. To make sure you get all the gear without out leveling by explorer experience.

          • getting a warlock and some other friends to summon your twink would avoid any accidental lvling.

  • This is exactly what blizzard developers said would happen before even announcing they were going to do it. They do classic WoW and people will complain about the bugs. I ain’t doing it, would be a nice nostalgia trip but while I have a lot of great memories of classic WoW, there are ones that drove me crazy that were fixed in updates and expansions. Would be like someone wanting to use a 1st gen iPhone and they complain about how slow it is and how bad the camera is.

  • This is one of those rare times that “That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” isn’t a cop out.

    • “Working as Intended” does have new life when they are recreating the quintessential experience bugs and all. Like how gnomes and taurens are on different scales.

      I cant wait for the bug reports that report a bug is not in the game… especially in pvp.

      • I can’t wait for hunters complaining that they can be CCed and people can attack them from just outside of melee range while the hunter can’t melee them or shoot them with their bow.

        • That said, we are going back to a time where all gear is indisputably hunter gear; hunters will once again rule Alterac Valley & the Dwarven Hand Cannon will once again be the one weapon to rule them all.

  • It’s great how faithful they’re being. I’m still on the fence about playing it at all…maybe a little after launch but I don’t see myself playing it long term.

    • I’m staying well clear of it. Vanilla WoW was great back in its day, but thats because there wasnt much history of MMO’s to compare it to. Fast forward to today, and its advanced so far that the vanilla version is missing just too many QoL things to be as fun as people expect.

      If I played, I’d get to lvl 20 and be too frustrated to play further. Doesnt mean vanilla WoW was bad by any stretch, just that its so much more convenient today and you’d notice.

      • The convenience stripped a lot of heart from the game though. Vanilla WoW is almost an entirely different game, and you need to play it as such. It’s not a race to max level like it is now, the adventure to 60 was arguably just as engrossing as being at 60.

        • Oh definitely, but its a product of its era. I played Everquest a LOT back in those days, and absolutely loved it. The game gave me my fondest gaming memories.

          But I couldnt go back and play the vanilla version again now. There are a) too many other options, and b) the QoL improvements along the way spoiled me. That game was hard, and became far easier, even with the simple things like travel. The convenience dialed the game back far moreso than WoW. And also spoiled it, in my opinion.

          I also played vanilla WoW to a pretty decent level, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the game at the time, also wouldnt want to go through it again. Compared to most MMO’s today, it was a chore getting to max level thanks to the lack of help MMO’s in those days.

          In 2004, there were a handful of MMO options, and we took what we could get. Lessons were still being learned about how to make a good MMO though, and while vanilla WoW had all that character and heart, it also needed many of the changes made.

          For me personally, I have gotten comfortable with those changes, and as I’ve gotten older, enjoyed the conveniences more and more. Not sure I want to give that up knowing that convenience is a mouse click away.

          • I understand your point, its basically the same for me and why I’m on the fence and assuming I won’t play for long if I decide to.

            I look at it more that I value my own time more now compared to back in Vanilla when I was a teenager. I’m not happy to spend 20 minutes forming a dungeon group followed by a 30-40 minute trek to the dungeon, that’s up to an hour of time sunk before I can actually start “playing the game” for a simple dungeon run.

            I know some consider that a part of the game in itself but to me its not fun and I play games because they’re fun.

            There’s just too much choice for games these days for me to choose to play one that doesn’t value my time.

          • Oh god the number of raids where we’d be stuck waiting for a few ppl to turn up, then the hunter wouldn’t have ammo, or the warlock wouldn’t have soul shards, or the various buffing classes wouldn’t have enough buff reagents. And farming the resist gear, and going into UBRS to MC mobs to get a buff before going back to MC…

          • Then the problem of actually attuning said raids, and making sure everyone was attuned.

          • Very true. Back then on a weekend, the raid would start at 1.00 pm but the preparation started at 11.00 am at the request of the guild leader. had fellow guildies doing dungeons from 9.00 am. To make sure people were online, got their items ready, potions, correct gear, running through areas of the raid and the boss. Then waiting at raid entrance for everyone to get there and get on Teamspeak, fix microphone issues. Do a funky dance while the guild leader was talking who would then ask me to focus so I started talking and then she started doing a funky dance, oh good times. Then the actual raid would go for 4-5 hours depending on the raid, bosses, wipes. It was the only game I was playing because it demanded so much of my time. Do I regret it, hell no, one of those best times in life. Do I have time nowadays to play it, also hell no. I actually don’t think I have the patience or can stay awake to do a full raid haha.

          • it’s interesting you say stay awake i once fell asleep and walked right into tiger boss, i told everyone i was lagging obviously but i had just fallen asleep holding down W.

            i also remember being happy to laugh at everyone who had to farm resist gear for Huhuran in AQ40 because i was a dwarf i had the racial ability and didn’t need any resist gear for her enrage phase.

          • Our guild was one of the first on the server to do complete MC raids. We would prep throughout Saturday and start the raid strictly at 5pm, going through till dawn. After some sleep we would complete the raid with a starting time of 3pm. There were no mods involved either… The level of coordination required to complete a boss fight was amazing, with stop watches, group leaders making the calls on vent (everyone else was muted) and a hell of a lot of experimentation – even when there was a known strategy (as group make up could significantly change your ability to complete a boss).

          • If we raided as much now as we did then, we’d have fully cleared all the BFA raids weeks ago. Of course we wouldn’t have time to do M+ or emissary quests or other stuff…

            It funny the bigger 40+ player guild requirement actually created a tighter community since you relied on your guild so much more. I remember guild reputations mattered to the players and if you behaved badly you’d get kicked (just like drunken footballers and NRL clubs).

      • I’d play if it was Wrath WoW. It still had a lot of the original feel (skill trees for example) but it also had a ton of useful quality of life improvements and better class balance. Hybrid classes could actually DPS without feeling like they were gimping the raid.

        • I don’t care much about vanilla but I hope it’s successful/popular/whatever enough that we get legacy servers for each expansion.

          • About the only thing I’d like to do Classic for would be the gates of AQ opening. I wasn’t max level so I missed out on that.

        • I’d agree. For me the game peaked midway through WOTLK. Towards the end of that expansion they started adding features that dumbed down the game in my opinion and took a lot of the fun out of it. Cata really killed it for me. I’ve returned to the game on and off over the years but I’ve never found it anywhere near as it was around that time. Far too simplistic with so little work required for rewards.
          I mean you can get a character to max level in no time at all these days. In vanilla and shortly afterward, it took me ages to get to max level and I didn’t mind at all because I had so much fun levelling. Now levelling has been reduced to a mad rush to max level so you can jump straight in the speed run raids.

          • I think I liked Wrath because the raids were very much open pathed (except for TotC). Naxx was a great design with four wings to choose. Then Ulduar had one mandatory boss then three choices, another mandatory one, then four wings again. Finally in ICC you had to kill a few to get to the citadel but then it opened up and you had the choice of four wings to work on.

            I loved that freedom because it meant you could choose a route that suited your raiders. You could clear a whole wing, or just clear the easiest boss in each wing, or whatever you liked. I really prefer that approach to the linear raids in most xpacs.

  • I like vanilla ice cream, milk shakes, protein shakes and generally everything vanilla flavoured.

    Vanilla WoW (and other video games) though?

    No thanks. A big part of gaming fun is the challenge. Doing that old content does not have the challenge.

    The game is known and the strats already optimised.

    • I dont think many players will reach 60 witgout a dedicated guild to maintain end game experience… so a novelty it will be especially when their is a content drought in BfA.

      Interesting point about the gsme being known and all strats available is the L19 Twink PVP bracket is going to be merciless.

        • can’t wait for people to complain there’s no mage tables… or each warlock shard taking a bag slot

          what do you mean I have to kill things that grant XP to get one shard?! lol

        • 7am… ouch, was fortunate to be on Proudmoore the unofficial Australian server, so plenty of local players and a large guild. But at the same time thats the one experience that will be different. Oceanic Servers!

          WoW Classic without 300-400ms latency and lag spikes 😛

  • So is there going to be a paid subscription model? I assume yes, as they have to deal with server maintenance and what not. IF so do we have an idea on how much because surely they cant expect people to pay the $12 or so fee that the updated WoW is charging.

    • they’ve said, it’s just one subscription, if you want to play classic you’ll just be paying for the current subscription… which I think goes all the way to Legion now (I think they updated it so it’s just current expansion minus 1 but you might want to google for reference)

      • Its a clever business model. It keeps current players hooked. And it provides an opportunity to re-hook lapsed players. I can see players signing up for Classic then saying “what the hell the current WoW is effectively free I’ll go take a look” and getting back into that.

    • Nope. They confirmed at the last BlizzCon that Wow Classic will be included in the standard WoW sub.

      No separate subscription.

  • Have they talked about how they’re going to simulate the 20 minute loot lag we’d occasionally get at release?

  • Time for me to make my Tauren Warrior and get my buddies back into it. And also make an Orc Hunter twinkle with The Rake as a pet. Casters will never cast spells again!

    • Have fun levelling a warrior lol.

      there is vanilla grinding, And there is vanilla grinding while levelling a warrior 🙂

      • First class and race I rolled in WoW was a Tauren Warrior. I remember us all saving up to buy our Kodos (I had the grey one). I think I did most of my levelling in dungeons. I always had friends begging for me to take them into dungeons. I’ve always been a care bear in MMOs, and it started with maining a Warrior for years in WoW.

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