You Can Get Free Permanent RAGE 2 Tattoos Next Saturday

You Can Get Free Permanent RAGE 2 Tattoos Next Saturday

If you like the idea of making a permanent change to your exterior, congratulations! You can get a free tattoo. There’s just one small detail: you won’t know what you’re getting beforehand.

If that sounds like a weird PR stunt, then you’re on the money. For those with the courage to get a permanent tattoo, Bethesda are offering them for free through the Hunter and Fox Tattoo Studio in Beaconsfield, New South Wales.

But the catch is you won’t get to pick what you get. “A curated selection of hand designed tattoos will be available for you – the only catch? You will not decide which one. No time like the present to be spontaneous,” the Facebook announcement says.

The tattoos won’t be completely random, of course. Hunter and Fox’s designs are pretty intricate. If you’re cautious, you’ll still have the opportunity to see some of the tattoos on skin beforehand: Bethesda staff and some local influencers will be streaming themselves getting the tattoos from 1000 AEST / 0800 AWST / 0930 ACST on May 10, through Bethesda’s Twitch channel.

More details, head to the Facebook event here or see below.


  • “Permanently brand yourself with advertising for our brand… AND YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! THAT’S RIGHT, YOU CAN BE A WALKING BILLBOARD FOR FREE!”

    I can’t figure out why anyone would even consider this unless Bethesda was actually paying them.

  • I’m a cleanskin and i doubt i’ll ever get one. But if i did, it would probably be Mario jumping into a block to reveal a powerup.

  • Get a tattoo you cant choose for an advertisement to a sequel nobody asked for of a game nobody liked.
    What a bargain!

  • The Facebook page says “you will have the ability to vote live for which tattoo each participant will get” so not only do you not get to choose, but you’ll probably get the most terrible design available. No thanks.

  • local influencers

    The whole thing is ridiculous but those two words upset me the most. I hate the term.

  • Way to make a complete joke of tattoo culture. As if it wasn’t already misrepresented by morons getting regrettable tattoos, now we can get people to tattoo advertisement that they can’t choose on themselves. I really do hope people are smarter then this lol.

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