Your PC Is A Peasant Compared To This

Your PC is probably fine. You might even think it's good. Potentially even decent, if you spent a few thousand dollars.

But you are wrong. Your PC is a peasant compared to this monstrosity.

Corsair's suite at Computex 2019 was filled with all the things you'd expect — RGB lighting here, there and everywhere, with a bit of Elgato streamer gear and lighting on the site (since Corsair owns Elgato now).

But something that stood out was the astronomically expensive Hydro X 1000D — a $US10,000 that weighs 8kg, is kitted out with all of Corsair's new watercooling pumps, radiators and water blocks, and is effectively two PCs in one.

And when I say effectively, I mean actually. The 1000D is literally two PCs in a single unit: one build with an i7-9700K on a mini-ITX board, and a second build using Intel's 9980XE, which costs $3000 in Australia. That's why there's so much watercooling — each of the PCs inside have their own tanks and coolant loops, their own power supplies, RAM, and so on.

A local Corsair manager probably described the 1000D best: a karma PC for Reddit.

In case you're wondering, here's the full list of specs:

  • CPUs: i9-9980XE / i7-9700K
  • CPU Coolers: Hydro X XC7 CPU Water Block / Hydro X XC7 RGB CPU Block
  • PSUs: SF Series SF750 / AXi Series AX1600i
  • GPU: GTX RTX 2080 SLI
  • GPU Cooler: Hydro X XG7 RGB 20-Series
  • RAM: 32G Dominator Platinum RGB 3000Mhz (x2)
  • Fans: LL120/140 RGB
  • Storage: Force Series MP510 (x2)

Bloody hell.

The author attended Computex as a guest of ASUS and Intel.


    Hello Everyone,

    May i know anyone within ASEAN or any DIY Youtubers able to do the same unit as per video and the photo of this article?

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