25 Years Ago, The Super Game Boy Reinvented Donkey Kong

Illustration: Greg Melo, Kotaku

25 years ago, Nintendo released the Super Game Boy, allowing the Super Nintendo to play an expansive library of Game Boy titles. Beyond letting gamers play years of portable classics on their televisions, the Super Game Boy housed extra functionality that would enable certain games to achieve a level of presentation that the original Game Boy never could.

To show off these features, when the Super Game Boy launched on June 14, 1994, it was accompanied by a Game Boy game simply titled Donkey Kong. But this release (known by fans today as Donkey Kong ’94) surprised players with some tricks of its own...

Greg Melo is an illustrator, animator, and comicer. He posts JPGs and bad jokes on Twitter @letitmelo.


    Man, I love Donkey Kong '94. Very fond memories of that game (not involving the Super Game Boy at all). I feel like I might have to dig out an emulator or something to play it again now.

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