A Brand New Look At Halo Infinite, Which Will Be An Xbox Scarlett Launch Title

Microsoft finally showed off some footage for Halo Infinite—a weighty name for the sixth major game in the 18-year-old franchise. Halo Infinite will launch on Xbox’s newly-announced Project Scarlett console spring, 2020.

Rightfully so, Halo fans were very curious about what the actually game would look like. Today’s trailer began with a long CGI intro featuring a stranded man on a space ship reanimating the Master Chief. We didn’t get a look at the actual gameplay, unfortunately:

Microsoft’s January announcement trailer for Halo Infinite was a little nature documentary-meets co-op shooter, complete with ambient violin sounds and birds-eye-view shots of stampeding rhinos.

343 Studios is making the game, which studio head Bonnie Ross once said in an interview with IGN is a “spiritual reboot.”


    6th Major Halo game huh? We just gonna ignore Halo:Reach then?

      Bungie split their teams to work on two Halo projects after Halo 3, which became ODST and Reach. It wasn't a full studio all hands on deck venture the same way a numbered Halo was, and it's fair not to count it as a major iteration.

        I dunno dude, it may have not had 100% staff but it was definitely a full release. Compare it to the other Halo games and then to ODST. It had a full campaign, its own multiplayer with new maps and mechanics, its own forge. It was certainly marketed as a big entry.

        ODST was dope too, but it was very much Halo 3: ODST. Reach was Halo: Reach because Halo 0 would have been dumb... and maybe giving numbered titles to Master Chief exclusively is a good idea.

          I'm not saying it's a lesser game or anything, just it had a very different budget and scope.

        C'mon thats reaching (pun intended), ODST was always intended as a stand alone expansion (hence the name halo 3 odst) - Reach was definitely a major iteration of the franchise and is disrespectful to call it otherwise.

    So the XB1 only got one new Halo game?
    (If there is no Master Chief, it’s not Halo :P )

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