A Six-Sided LED Screen You Can Play Games On

A Six-Sided LED Screen You Can Play Games On

One of the cooler things we stumbled across at E3 last week was over at the IndieCade booth. The Pixxl Maze from Hungary-based PirateGames is a cube made of 6 LED panels. While not quite 4K, the 32×32 resolution still cooks up some colourful glowing visuals.

The demo we played showed off a pretty simple maze that you could manoeuvre through by moving and rotating the cube. Pirategames told me that it’s not just a one-trick pony though. The goal is for this to be sold and utilised as a platform for other games, too.

While they didn’t specify a price or a release date, I’m happy to see weirder peripherals being made with hopefully some equally weird games just waiting to be created. Shame they can’t call it a GameCube, though.

That name’s taken.

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