Ah Yes, A $1000 Assassin’s Creed Statue

Ah Yes, A $1000 Assassin’s Creed Statue

Ubisoft and Pure Arts announced this new Assassin’s Creed statue today, which is both exquisitely-detailed and insanely-priced.


It weighs in at 9kg, and stands over 24 inches tall, so that price is actually pretty standard for something of this quality and size. But still.


In terms of effects, it’s a statue so don’t expect much, but the blue animus stuff does glow with LED lighting, so there’s that.


It’ll be out in October, but will only ship to North and South America.


  • Hey at least someone is giving Altair some love, Ubisoft doesn’t seem to want to – everything seems to be always focused on Ezio.

    • Altair = uninteresting, not overly popular.
      Ezio = interesting, very popular.

      No real surprise they always focus Ezio over Altair. It’s a better business model.

      None the less, statue is cool, +1 internet.

  • Well, for a similar price in places, the ThreeZero Atlas from Titanfall is insanely detailed and poseable to boot.

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