Apple’s 150 MB App Download Cap Raised To 200 MB, Still Idiotic

Apple’s 150 MB App Download Cap Raised To 200 MB, Still Idiotic

Apple’s annoying 150 megabyte data cap for downloading apps and games over mobile connections is 50 MB less annoying this week, but still doesn’t give phone owners the option to ignore it. So, yay, but also boo.

Finding out a cool new game has been released on the iTunes App Store, purchasing it, and then having the “App Over 150 MB” message pop-up urging you to connect to a Wi-Fi network before you can play is frustrating.

As of this week, as reported by 9 to 5 Mac and confirmed by me trying to download Stardew Valley using mobile data, the message has changed, but the frustration stays the same.

Apple last upped the data cap from 100 MB to 150 MB back in 2017. That’s after increasing it from 50 MB to 100 MB in 2013. If trends continue, in a couple more years we’ll be able to download a quarter of a gigabyte all at once. The future sounds awesome.

I have unlimited mobile data. A lot of people do. I would really like it if there were an option to ignore the app overage message, either through settings or an additional option in the dialog box.

But hey, congrats to people downloading games that were between 151 and 200 MB. And to the developers who can now make their apps’ initial downloads a little bit larger before the game is launched and a couple of gigs of additional data is downloaded over mobile networks anyway.


  • Yeah this restriction is stupid. It should just be a warning, like Android. Just say “This app is over 200MB, are you sure you want to download it over mobile data?” Yes or No. Thew user can then choose to download if they so wish. Actually hard restricting them from downloading it unless they are on wifi is ridiculous.

  • It’s practices like this (no option to download large files via mobile data) which is why I don’t like using iOS, but I also understand its place in the market.

    It’s like a manual vs automatic transmission. Some people want more control, others are ok with less.

    The less control you have, the more complex the machine/os has to be to compensate for educed user input and the more the user pays.

    • The less control you have, the more complex the machine/os has to be to

      That doesn’t make much sense.

      Less control – you can do this 1 thing.
      More control – you can do this thing 5 different ways.

      Option 1 – you program 1 thing.
      Option 2 – you program 5 different ways, an option to choose which way you want and possibly the option to add more in the future.

  • I have unlimited mobile data. A lot of people do.

    Must be nice living in the US. Actually no, I think it would be awful, but hey unlimited cellular data would be nice.

    • We have unlimited in Australia too. The Telstra $199 a month plan is unlimited uncapped data with any phone you want. It’s expensive but for someone like me who lives regional and almost next to a 4GX cell tower, it’s my best option for fast internet. Slowest speed I ever get is around 4meg a second and I download several hundred gigs a week between the family watching youtube+consoles+4K Netflix etc. It is expensive but makes far more sense than NBN satellite.

  • With 400GB of shared Optus mobile data each month 100MB apps are not even going to dent my quota.

  • Even without ‘unlimited’ data, I have a shit-load… more than I really need, but the plan pays for the phone, so whatever.

    But my mobile data is much, much more reliable than my ADSL2, and faster. Having to constantly trick my phone into downloading something on the connection that can better serve it is fucking ridiculous.

  • There actually is a workaround for it though that I’ve been using.

    Start the download
    Click ok when you get the message
    Go to settings
    Date & Time
    Turn off “set automatically”
    change the date forward (a month seems to work for me)
    Go back to the icon downloading and it should start after a few seconds.

    Annoying as hell you have to do this but at least we’re able to workaround it.

  • Good news everyone: iOS13 allows you turn it to ask or off altogether. Unlimited downloads for everyone!

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