At Long Last, The Canvas Fallout 76 Bags Have Arrived

At Long Last, The Canvas Fallout 76 Bags Have Arrived
Photo: <a href="">Jordan Stapleton</a>

In November of last year, purchasers of the $300 Fallout 76 collector’s edition were disappointed to discover the fancy canvas bags advertised were replaced with cheap nylon sacks. It took half a year, but Bethesda has finally made things right, as incredibly wrinkled canvas Westtek bags make their way into fans’ eager hands.

In the image above, shared on Twitter by Jordan Stapleton, we see the end result of a long journey. The canvas bag, once considered impossible to deliver due to “unavailability of materials”, has arrived.

To the left of the bag we see the tiny package the canvas bag arrived in. One can easily imagine someone at Bethesda angrily cramming this bag into the tiny plastic pouch, muttering, “Here’s your damn canvas. I hope you choke on it.”

For reference, here is the nylon bag that came with the collector’s edition originally.

ImageImgur” loading=”lazy” > Photo: Imgur

And here is the canvas sack fans are now receiving.

ImageJordan Stapleton” loading=”lazy” > Photo: Jordan Stapleton

Barring these canvas numbers bursting into flames, this is hopefully the final article in the Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition Bag Saga. We made it, everybody. We’re safe now.


  • I’m just glad they managed to find a vein of rare canvas, that stuff doesn’t grow on trees you know!

  • Other than finding the game really underwhelming, in my CE the helmet was broken, shoddily constructed around the electronics, and the bag not canvas. I’m not disappointed to have handed it back and not getting one of these bags.
    But, is the bag weirdly shaped? It seems to be the same design as the nylon, with the tapered sides to the point it’s almost round.

    • I assume it is for the helmet only and not to be used for anything else. That said though, those photos of the canvas bags make them look almost as bad as the nylon ones.

  • And it looks just as shit as the previous one.

    Id like to know which moron at Bethesda actually thought this whole saga went okay?

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