Australia Gets Dr. Mario World On July 10

Australia Gets Dr. Mario World On July 10
Image: Twitter

We’re still waiting on a worldwide release of Mario Kart Tour, but until that arrives, at least Australians won’t be behind when Dr. Mario World launches.

Nintendo just confirmed on Tuesday morning that the mobile-spin off of Dr. Mario would be getting a simultaneous release in 59 countries on iOS and Android on July 10. Australians will be getting the game on both platforms (some smaller countries, like the Virgin Islands, are only getting the game on one or the other).

If you missed how Dr. Mario World is shaping up, Nintendo released a brief trailer showing some viruses looking and sound very sad as they got wiped out. Adorable little things.


  • Curious. How did this pass Aussie censors… its a game mechanic is about over medicating drug use.

  • I’m just going to say I’m going to pass.
    Dr. Mario World is not really the mobile game I’m interested in playing because of the in game purchases.
    But hey at least it’s coming out in Australia on July 10 that’s the good news.

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