It Turns Out Australia Is Getting The Avengers: Endgame Re-Release After All

It Turns Out Australia Is Getting The Avengers: Endgame Re-Release After All
What Marvel hopes a crowd of people looking to see Endgame again this weekend will look like. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

As we reported on earlier, Avengers: Endgame will be getting a limited new theatre run with brand new footage to entice audiences back. For once, it turns out, Australia is not being forgotten. This weekend, Hoyts will host a range of limited screenings of the re-release.

There’s not much new footage, but it’s probably going to be more than enough for Marvel Studios to swipe Avatar’s box office record.

After Kevin Feige confirmed to press last week that Marvel would be launching a new push before Avengers: Endgame’s theatrical run could come to an end just shy of Avatar’s $US2.788 billion ($4.005 billion) box office record, Marvel Studios have now officially given us information about what its fans can expect out of the movie’s re-release, formally being dubbed as the “Bring Back” event.

Beginning Saturday, June 29, select theatres around the world (including 18 cinemas in Australia) will host the return of the film.

The screening itself will include a new introduction from director Anthony Russo, “an unfinished deleted scene,” and a sneak peek of Spider-Man: Far From Home before it officially opens next week.

ImageA thank you poster, from Marvel to all of us. (Image: Marvel Studios)

Is it enough to warrant sitting in a movie theatre for three hours again? Probably not. Are people gonna do it anyway and help Marvel get the sub-50 million it needs for its box office crown? Absolutely.


  • Bummer. Would have seen it if it was showing at my cinema, but that’s Reading, not Hoyts. Maybe I’ll go see Annabelle or re-watch Child’s Play.

  • The two cinemas I checked from the Hoyts Tweet link are showing one session per day this weekend, so good luck getting tickets to that.

    • No because the actual film hasn’t been altered at all, like an extended or unrated cut. The new content will be shown after the end credits.

          • It read like Camm was suggesting Endgame couldn’t overtake Avatar’s box-office because an extended re-release would count as a separate film.

            So I pointed out that:
            a) regardless of whether the film is extended by being recut or just has more stuff tacked on at the end, the additional box-office counts towards its final total; and
            b) Avatar’s total gross also includes an extended theatrical re-release.

          • I’m pretty sure he meant that with the new footage wouldn’t this count as a new cut of the film, I don’t see where you got any box-office talk from his simple question…

          • The whole article is box office talk. That’s the point, they seem to be pushing to overtake Avatar’s box office record.

            As for the Avengers re-release. It’s pretty underwhelming and won’t make me go pay to sit through it again. I enjoyed the movie, but I don’t need a teaser for a movie we’ve been getting trailers for for the last month and I’ll be seeing in a week or two anyway. And I’m not interested an intro from the director that I’m sure will be on Youtube soon or a *half-completed* deleted scene (which will surely be on the blu-ray release).

            If they actually added some notable, finished content then I’d consider it.

          • This release isn’t for the likes of us though. I’m not going to see it, I’ve seen it twice already (the second time free at gold class, and to be honest the only reason I went was for the free food). This is for the die-hard fans who see it at midnight releases, dress up & cheer loudly during fan service at screenings. I don’t know if it will be enough to top Avatar, but I hope it does because that film is sorely overrated, more so than Endgame.

  • Was Avatar re-released? If not, then would we actually consider Avengers as beating its boxoffice technically if it does due to a re-release?

  • Avatar didn’t have to add new content to get that much in the box office. As such it’s more impressive than this final stab by Marvel

      • That was only on the Blu-ray extended cut right? Not in cinemas?

        I could be mistaken because I wasn’t old enough to care about box office stuff at the time

        • It was the re-release’s big selling point, if I remember right. For all the obsessives who wanted more monkey-lizard boobs.

    • yeah this stinks of sweatyness from Marvel just to beat Avatar.

      Make me all the more impressesed of Avatar to have have done so well as an unknown, new story/characters/universe as apose to Infinity war being a culmination of the popular well known MCU

    • 12/18/2009 Avatar $749,766,139
      08/27/2010 Avatar: Special Edition $10,741,486

      They did actually beat Endgame with the initial release (by even more if you factor in inflation) but yeah they did a re-release nearly a year later than raked in another 10 mil.

      Which makes the Endgame re-release a bit weird, it’s actually still during the initial run. So it’s not so much a re-release as an amended release.

  • I’d rather just wait for the Bluray at this point. Much happier to drop $25 on that then pay $25 a ticket plus $40 in popcorn/drink at Hoyts.

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