Battlefield V Finger Gun Is Cute And Funny Until You Reload It

Battlefield V Finger Gun Is Cute And Funny Until You Reload It
Gif: DANNYonPC, YouTube

Put your hands together for a Battlefield Easter egg that’s equal parts clever and terrifying.

As first spotted by PCGamesN, the new “finger gun” is just what it sounds like: a weapon consisting of the player’s character putting both their hands together to imitate the shape and handling of a small pistol. When they shoot with it, the character makes a “Ka-pow!” sound as a comic book-style sound effect burst pops up onscreen.

That’s not the disturbing part. This is: once all the bullets in the imaginary chamber have been fired and it’s time to reload, the game makes the most cringe-inducing series of bone-crunch noises while the thumb is pulled back and grotesquely dislocated to recock the “hammer.”

According to YouTuber DANNYonPC, who made the video above, the Easter egg was first discovered by Battlefield player zhpete.

DANNYonPC was able to find it for himself only after hopping across dozens of servers. The same light that appears green for him in the video above and unearths the finger gun is normally red, and players aren’t yet sure what triggers it to change.

Sadly, the gun only does 10 damage and you lose it once you die. Those who do manage to find it and survive long enough to empty a clip will likely also discover a new appreciation for their own fingers’ limited range of motion.


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