Betrayal Legacy And Gloomhaven Just Went On Sale

Betrayal Legacy And Gloomhaven Just Went On Sale
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Probably the most famous board game over the last couple of years, Gloomhaven has started coming down to a much more reasonable price locally. It’s on sale at Amazon today, along with the excellent Legacy adaptation of the Betrayal haunted-mansion horror game.

Quick rundown if you’re not familiar. Betrayal Legacy is a campaign-based version of the Betrayal cooperative board games, where a team of players try to survive a haunted house and the player — or players! — that get turned mid-game. Unlike other Legacy games, however, Betrayal Legacy is fully replayable and customised once you’ve finished a main campaign, so you won’t have to throw the box out or rebuy the game once you’re done.

It’s available from Amazon for $94 with free shipping as part of Amazon’s mid-year toys sale.

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Another major board game as part of that sale: Gloomhaven. Gloomhaven is a cooperative campaign-style tactical card and miniatures combat game that runs over several sessions, with a persistent game world. Players make decisions on how to progress, with the story branching out depending on the choices players make.

The revised Gloomhaven edition will set you back around $190 or more from most places, but it’s available now for $150. Make sure you check the Amazon Prime box — if you’re not getting free shipping, you’ll have to add an extra $100 to the total, so make sure you use the Amazon Prime free trial if you haven’t got it already. (If you’re already signed up for Prime Video, you’ll already have an Amazon Prime subscription.)

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