Big Brands Are Starting To Punch Holes In Their Mice Now

Big Brands Are Starting To Punch Holes In Their Mice Now

There’s been a bit of a trend in the gaming mice market of late. Users have always cried out for the lightest mice possible, and different manufacturers have tried to shave weight through different means.

The most popular method, seen in the Finalmouse and Glorious Model O mice, has been to literally punch holes in the chassis to reduce the weight. It’s weird and makes the mouse super vulnerable to spills. But it’s a trend that enthusiasts have loved, and now one major manufacturer has jumped on board.

If you want the lightest mouse on the market, but wanted something that wasn’t the size of a pea, you’d be looking at 62 grams. That’s how much the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja weighs, with the other ‘lightest’ mice (Finalmouse Ultralight, Logitech G Pro Wireless, Glorious Model O) weighing just under 70 grams, and most other mice 80 grams or heavier.

Coolermaster’s new mice — one with RGB and one without — are miles lighter than that. The MM710 weighs in at 52 grams, and will ship around September (although Coolermaster’s local representative said they were hoping for August) for $US49.99. Australian pricing isn’t known at this stage, but it should stack up competitively against the Glorious Model O, which is selling from $79 locally.

It’ll be a corded mice, and although it wasn’t on display at Coolermaster’s Computex, local representatives told media that the MM710 and MM711 (the 711 comes with RGB, costs $US10 more and weighs 55g) would both ship with lightweight paracord cables. They’d also have the same mousewheel — the mice at Computex had difference scrollwheels, but Kotaku Australia was told that the slightly thicker one on the MM711 (the white mouse) would ship as standard. More importantly, both mice will also have the tried and tested Pixart 3389 optical sensor.

Hopefully Coolermaster bring the MM710 and MM711 to Australia before too long. It offers a nice alternative compared to Finalmouse and Glorious Model O — it’s a much smaller chassis, whereas the other two mice are quite large and designed for bigger hands.

The only major problem, and it’s a byproduct of weakening the chassis to save weight, is structural. If you squeeze the sides of the mouse, you can force the MM710 to click (the Glorious Model O has this exact same problem). The white MM711 on show was more resistant to that, but it’s not a problem that crops up during general usage — you can’t squeeze the mouse hard enough during regular gameplay to force the click.

The underside of the mouse.

More importantly, Coolermaster have a huge advantage in that they’re capable of producing much more mice than Finalmouse or Glorious, two much smaller bespoke manufacturers. So supply issues to Australia, and worldwide, shouldn’t be as much of an issue. (Finalmouse mice have to be imported into Australia, because there’s none left locally.) Coolermaster have always competed strongly on price in Australia too, and hopefully that stays the case when the MM710 and MM711 become available later this year.

The author travelled to Computex as a guest of ASUS and Intel.


  • Is this one of those things where pro gamers have light mice and if you don’t have one you can blame your mouse for why you’re so bad at the game?

    If so then my mouse has been holding me back for years!

  • How the hell did we go from wanting heavy weights in our mouse to wanting it as light as possible?

    • A common argument is they’re faster, but that’s not true. People all have their preferred speed that they already reach regardless of the weight of the mouse (the ‘a’ in F=ma). Lighter mice don’t make you faster, they just let you apply less force.

      It only really factors in if you’re getting fatigue from pushing the mouse around, and honestly if that’s happening at masses under 150g then there’s a deeper problem at play than mouse weight. On the other hand, lighter weights are more susceptible to smaller forces which makes the mouse less stable, and correspondingly less precise.

      So basically, if you have a fatigue problem or your muscles can’t keep up, you might favour light mice. If you play at mid/high DPI, you might favour heavy mice. Otherwise, there’s no difference and it’s entirely down to personal taste.

  • Maybe that’s why I don’t like PC gaming, I like heavier mice. I’ve always thought that lighter mice feel cheap and flimsy.

    I guess now you’ll be able to tell a PC gamer by the honeycomb imprint on their palm. lol

      • Not gonna lie, I have a pair of gym gloves I use for VR gaming but I have used them a few times with my mouse when my hands were getting pretty sweaty in summer. But now I just use a little USB desk fan which works much better.

        • that’s fine, because they’re gloves being more or less used for their intent. A pair of gloves branded as gaming gloves for use with gamer mouses while you sit in your gamer chair while using your gamer monitor and drinking your gamer energy drink all gets a bit ridiculous

    • I’m one of those gamers with sweaty hands (I know, yuk) and I can see this mouse shorting out very fast!

    • Agreed. Wireless means less clutter, and also easy to swap mouse/keyboard between home computer and work laptop.

    • My thinking exactly, these things will be great as desktop vacuum cleaners, until they break that is…

  • is this something that is beneficial in mobas? i find light mice to be extremely inaccurate for FPS use and a heavier mouse is far superior.

    • This is precisely because we’re so advanced that we have the luxury to complain about such mundane topics. We have the means, why wouldn’t we want to increase our comfort ? I believe we’ve been doing so for about 12.000 years and look where we are now. We’ve conquered pretty much the whole planet. We tame lions and killer whales. We went to the moon and back. But dare we make lighter mice ? Hell no, that is weakness.

      • If gliding 500g of plastic around a pad for a couple of hours is too much for your little wrist I suggest you are desperately in need of a little exercise, instead of a lighter mouse.

  • Bloody kids. Back in my day we just had a brick with some string attached.

    And another thing, zzzzz…

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