Cities: Skylines Is Becoming A Board Game

Last year, Paradox announced that a range of board game adaptations were on the way for some of their biggest titles. The first is Crusader Kings II, and the second will be Cities: Skylines.

While you’d expect a Skylines board game to be all about plastic buildings, that’s actually not the case; like the underlying design of the video game itself, this is going to be all about zones, with construction represented by large cardboard tokens.

Also interesting is the fact this is going to a co-op game, with players teaming up to overcome scenarios rather than competing to build the best city or neighbourhood.

It’ll be out in October.


    I have extremely mixed feelings about this. I love board games. I love cities skylines. I think too many people are cashing in on the popularity of BG's right now with adaptations that really don't need to exist: DMC, Dark Souls, Blood Borne, Horizon etc....

    This one doesn't seem to be trying to game the marketing by 1) launching on KS and 2) Showing off millions of renders of miniatures. This one actually seems to be you know.. a game rather than a bunch of trinkets.

    Still quite wary... but definitely more interested than any other VG adapted into a BG.

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