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Just a short admin update for everyone: if you had trouble posting comments earlier this week, never fear. The comments are back! We're ready to accept your spiciest of takes once more, just in time for E3. Phew!

(As a note, if you're having issues - log out, delete cookies, and log back in again — that's fixed a lot of problems for others.)

If you have any troubles, or spot anything else with the site, do us a favour and hit me up directly. There's Twitter as well, if that's more your style.


    Nice! Does this mean Gizmido finally has a comments section now?

      Just fixing things up here.

        May i ask why Gizmodo doesn't have a comments section?

          I've mentioned this before, but about a year or so ago the discourse was so toxic and the moderation so onerous that a trial was run with comments off. The response to any article written by our female staff, which was all Australian stories and more than half of the content from the US, was so awful and divisive that it was becoming a draining, disheartening experience on a daily basis (which I can confirm the status of, as someone who can access Gizmodo and Lifehacker comments).

          When the numbers showed that there was no negative impact to the site with comments off, and people on site were happier not having to wade through some utter garbage discourse, the decision was made to leave them off permanently.

          There's lots of other reasons that make comments problematic for sites in 2019 -- publishers are legally responsible for what people post in comments (in Australia, anyway), and the general discourse in comments, even in sites like Kotaku that have a reputation for a good community, doesn't seem that beneficial to people who look at this sort of stuff holistically. And when you've got smaller teams, as the Australian brands do, the moderation process can also get in the way of producing local content.

          So that's the call they made. It's one I've fought against on Kotaku because gaming is, and always will be, a community. But I understand why the decision was made, I could see how horrendous the comments was on a daily basis, and I get it.

            Toxic community... That is completely understandable.

            Oh wow! I had no idea (Generally Kotaku is my go to and you occasionally see Gizmodo article here there that you wanna chime in on. But yeah if you're stopping toxic idiots then by all means!)

            I mainly notice it when you do one of those "repost" stories on this site. In the past, these would show up as a separate article on the domain with their own comment threads, but at some point they started redirecting to the other sites.

            I guess this makes sense to keep all conversation in one place, but if the article originates from Gizmodo it means no comments at all.

              Yeah, that's how things used to be with xposts. But then Google did one of their surprise algo changes, and we noticed the sites were getting punished.

              Those posts do actually live separately on Kotaku, so if you want to comment on them it's entirely possible - just change the Gizmodo/Lifehacker in the URL to Kotaku. (Weird workaround, but if you really want to have a chat there, you can do so.)

                I think I tried that once or twice and got a 404 page. Just tried with a cross post today, and it seems to work, so I'm not sure what I was seeing before.

                With that said, it'd be a comment that would be invisible to most site visitors and not get any responses. That kind of defeats the purpose of commenting (both for benign and troll users).

                It only kind of works since sometimes the Giz/LH version of the article changes the title, so the URL doesn't match.

                But yeah, honestly lost interest in going to Giz once the comments were removed - was always more interested in the discussion of the articles.

            Some of the female writers were also receiving vile threatning messages for not publishing a comment or removing them.

            I was a regular poster there are there was some vile stuff there.

              The hell is wrong with people? I'll openly admit I've gotten into some spicy discourse before, but never, ever have I deevolved into utter degradation or threats like that.

                Anonymity has a part to do with it. People not being able to handle differing opinions without flipping the fuck out.

                What was actually written was tame. From what I was told by one of the writers at the time they would receive much viler stuff, Either via email or stuff that was auto-moderated. All just because their comment was removed.

                  Indeed, the anonymity aspect really breeds contempt doesn't it. It's amazing where it pops up too. We have parents who post to our schools facebook page (I teach in a secondary school) who think that since they're behind a phone or pc, they're automatically protected. The stuff that gets written gets noticed, as it did with Gizmodo, and people don't tend to forget when it becomes abusive and toxic. We had instances where parents were spewing vile stuff on our schools facebook page, then when confronted in real life about it, would slink away blaming 'autocorrect' or 'their kids'. Same as these fools, who would invariably make all sorts of excuses if confronted in real life...

            Ive pretty much stopped reading gizmodo articles now (except morning spoilers) because the section devolved into tumblr blogs or opinion pieces around the same time the comments section became 'toxic'.

              I stopped.
              Which is madness as I love tech sites and enjoy reading about new stuff. Alex's recent articles from computex were much appreciated!

              Yet somehow I'm racist and/or sexist (or perhaps just deplorable) for disliking the endless global warming / diversity in tech articles which were being posted.

              Like, review a keyboard or something ffs! At least occasionally.

              Heaven-forbid the abject horror of having to read opinion pieces!

              Honestly, I haven't. I still read it. I find if I selectively mute out places I dislike, I risk living in an echochamber. So I try to challenge myself with reading differing opinions, different styles of writing etc. I find it makes me much more alert with content these days tbh to do just that.

                Good for you i suppose, but i wasnt on there for 'content' i was on there for news, which is why i wasnt a fan of the change, when they turned the comments off because people complained about it, they sealed their fate.
                But according to Alex, the numbers showed it didnt change anything, so they made the right call.

            This is a classic Seymour Skinner "no, it's the children who are wrong" moment.

            The comments were dire because the writers shoved a left-wing agenda into every damn article (apart from Campbell, who covered actual tech).

            Australia is a remarkably moderate nation (not that those on the far left or right would ever believe it). Unlike the US with it's 300 million people, Australian content is better when it sits in the middle.

            I just cannot stand the type of "journalism" exhibited on Gizmodo. It's for sheep - no better than than Fox News and their typical viewers.

              So what? If you don't like the alleged political bias of a website, then just go elsewhere. Don't flood the writers with abuse, harrassment and threats to the point it's affecting their mental health. There's no justification for that whatsoever.

                That's not what it was.
                Abuse and threats are absolutely not on and should be taken very seriously.

                Gizmodo articles were typically flooded with people who strongly disagree with the opinion of the author. This is what happens when you take a strong political stance on something on a public forum. I completely understand why comments work on Kotaku and didn't work on Gizmodo.

                Ever notice how on Kotaku, Alex and Jason's articles are completely civil? Albeit much less so when it's the UK and non-Jason US opinion-bloggers posting.

                That's what a bunch of people have done when commenting was disabled. I for one disagree with a lot of the Gizmodo articles and find it frustrating that you couldn't discuss the articles in comments, even if you were polite in the way you post. As a result I've just stopped reading Gizmodo. It's annoying that asshats destroyed all possibility of discussion.

              So that justifies the harassment of people moderating the comments?

                see above.

                  Yes i saw above.

                  Alex was explaining why the comments were disabled due to the vile shit people were sending to the writers.

                  And you jumped in to make it a partisan issue, Essentially looking to blame the victims. Acting like its their fault they got the comments they did because of the articles they wrote.

                I've got to say a lot of the articles were very biased and divisive. That obviously doesn't warrant abusing the authors (or other commenters). I don't understand why there wasn't just outright banning though? Were all the trolls anonymous? Can't you implement IP banning or something similar?

                  I don't know what capability they had. I was only told what had happened and why by one of the writers.

            So that's the call they made. It's one I've fought against on Kotaku because gaming is, and always will be, a community. But I understand why the decision was made, I could see how horrendous the comments was on a daily basis, and I get it.

            A tough call but I too understand.

            In fact, while I brought no toxins of my own, it cannot be denied I myself didn't help the situation.

            To best describe it, some users we just open gas vents and I just kept throwing matches at them. Even though my posts were not intended to be antagonistic, there were truths I was posting that some simply didn't want to hear or want others to hear.

            I only lament that I didn't learn to put the match box away sooner.

            I did nothing wrong telling a complete truth. But I was wrong thinking it my place to correct others and completely deconstruct their posts rather than give them a graceful way out.

              Yeah, same lol. Somehow things also seem to come across more terse when it's just text rather than a face to face.

              Side note: Sorry to anyone who I've pissed off over the last few years. Wasn't intentional.

    Hmm. My comment isn't showing up on the scribbletaku thread... just seeing if this one works.

      Sometimes comments will get pinged by the auto moderator for no reason. In which case either myself or @alexwalker will checking the pending tab and approve of the comments that end up there throughout the day.

        Just to clarify - it's not for no reason. There's auto-spam moderation in place which works on a scoring system to try and determine what is and what isn't ok to auto-publish. It's not perfect, but without it, every comment section would be flooded with dozens of bot-tastic spam and scam messages.

    Take 2.

    I attempted to post a comment in the MGS article but it didn't work. And just now I tried again here.

    Let's see if this goes through after logging out and back in again.

      Note to everyone: If you're having trouble commenting then just log out and back in again.

    Ahhh, that's better. Spicy take constipation cleared.

    No-one go in there for a bit.

      Finally! I was wondering wh---OH MY GOD! WHO OR WHAT DIED IN HERE?!

        Decency. Decency died. It was a while ago, but I moved the body.

    Yes! Do you know how hard it's been not being able to write sarcastic or cynical comments on articles? *Cries in happiness*

    Seriously though, good job tech team.

    Finally! I have so much pent up sarcasm I'm going to explode...

    Awesome! Can't wait to be downvoted to -11 for having an opinion that disagrees with the commenter hivemind again!

    (I kid, the commenters are are pretty okay except when they're defending blackface.)

      To quote a famous Disney song

      "Let it go"

      Well maybe you should address your opinions or how you put them across, but considering that you already touched on your opinions on blackface and your black and white view of it.
      I dont think thats going to happen anytime soon.

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