Dota Underlords Is Live In Australia

It's been a wild week. After Riot quickly regained the advantage in the Auto Chess-style game with Teamfight Tactics, Valve has responded by beating Riot to the punch on mobile, with Dota Underlords launching on PC, iOS and Android today.

If you're after the game on mobiles, here's the iOS and Android links. The game's still officially in early access, but the game has cross-play between PC and mobiles.

It's already become one of the most popular games on Steam, overtaking Path of Exile and Rust with around 58,000 concurrent players to become the 5th most played game on Valve's platform. The collapse in support from Dota 2 has meant that CS:GO is now Steam's most popular game once more, with PUBG and Rainbow Six: Siege just behind. Those stats don't include players on mobile, however, where the game will undoubtedly find its greatest audience.

I'll have a play around with Dota Underlords and let you know what it's like. Chances are it'll be good — it's hard to bugger it up when Auto Chess already laid the platform.


    hmm thanks, I've been wondering what Auto Chess is but everytime I boot up my PC i end up jumping on one of my half dozen games I've started

      It's pretty addictive for some reason... The Match 3 mechanics combed with strategy, not just in what you pic but where you place them on the board... then you combine that with the 'just one more turn' type feeling it has... Yeah, this is going to kill MOBA's and, hopefully, BR's too...

    feel like i'm missing something with underlords, no mechanic to be able to see a units spell before i buy it, used to right clicking on the item in the shop and it showing me.

    Missing something, or is it missing the feature?

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