Dr Disrespect Doesn’t Seem To Be Taking His Twitch Ban Very Seriously

Dr Disrespect Doesn’t Seem To Be Taking His Twitch Ban Very Seriously
Image: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz_2U3lHyys&feature=youtu.be">Dr Disrespect</a>
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Last week, Dr Disrespect, a popular streamer who parodies toxic gamers by just straight up being one (except in a wig), got banned from Twitch and booted from E3 for streaming from inside a public bathroom, an act that’s illegal in the state of California. Immediately after, he went radio silent. But not for long.

While Dr Disrespect remains banned from Twitch for a still-unknown period of time, he’s resumed posting to Twitter and YouTube. Last Thursday, he broke his silence with a tweet promising an E3 recap video and saying he’d “fired” his director, whose name is apparently Alex. This, however, was likely a reference to a long-running joke in which Doc yells off-screen at Alex, who fans aren’t even sure is a real person, and sometimes ‘fires’ him.

Dr Disrespect proceeded to spend the next 24 hours talking trash to other big streamers (mostly Ninja) on Twitter.

The recap video dropped over the weekend and largely depicts Dr Disrespect interacting with fans and developers, talking shit about mobile gamers, and yelling a lot. In line with his Whole Thing, it’s heavy on bravado, bluster, and cheesy ‘80s music. It only briefly alludes to the bathroom incident, with Doc complaining about “diarrhoea” toward the end of the 11-minute video and then running into a bathroom. It then cuts to a now-infamous shot of him standing in a stall with only his head visible, referencing a portion of the stream that got him banned. He doesn’t discuss his ban, apologise, or otherwise reference the E3 incident.

Dr Disrespect has also used his mandatory time off to create new Twitch emotes of himself peeking out from a bathroom stall. I’m sure they’ll get plenty of use when he inevitably returns to Twitch in the coming days or weeks. After streamers reach a certain level of magnitude on Twitch, suspensions and bans only turn them into bigger stars—a phenomenon Doc himself is already very familiar with.


  • Dr Disrespect I say is is disrespectful after he got busted streaming in the bathroom in California.
    Well I have two words for Dr Disrespect who got banned from Twitch fuck you.

  • Doesn’t take breaking the law seriously?

    Why would he though, twitch won’t remove him forever and he will be streaming again soon.

    • Exactly, Twitch needs to walk that fine line of being seen to do something about troublemakers but also keep their golden geese around to lay eggs. Plus all this publicity is helping him stay notorious and attracts new followers even during his ban so it’s win-win for everyone.

  • Maybe someone can answer this. If filming in toilets is illegal in California… has a complaint or charge been filed against Dr Disrespect? I mean if the reason for his ban involves doing something illegal (as opposed to just being gross) then surely there is a charge laid somewhere yeah? I only ask cause the “filming in public toilets is illegal” reason is brought up a lot

    • We don’t know if anyone’s lodged an official complaint or contacted the authorities but it would need to be somebody who was actually in the bathroom at the time because I doubt E3 or the venue itself would do anything.
      The police could chose to press charges themselves but they tend to be pretty lax with these big money events unless it’s fairly serious.
      (I’m not saying it isn’t a serious offence myself but you find law enforcement tends to only target the worst of the worst during these sorts of things, schoolies, Spring break etc)

      • It probably gets into workplace law, as the Dr is the employer of the cameraman. Though at a guess as he keeps talking to the camera he could be an accomplice to the act.

      • The law says filming, and why DRD was the object being filmed, he himself was not filming, so it’s going to really come down to technical shit I think.

  • When you parody a thing by becoming that thing, does it not cease to be a parody and you in fact, becomes that thing wholy?

  • You’re not in trouble Alex in fact all of you are not in trouble.
    I’m just absolutely angry how Dr Disrespect who got banned from Twitch could stream in the bathroom at California which is illegal and inappropriate.
    Dr Disrespect may think he’s not taking his Twitch ban seriously but he is absolutely going to cop it the next time he streams in the bathroom in California.
    Fuck you Dr Disrespect.

  • I’m content with avoiding Twitch. I can’t see how other people’s personalities, dramas, self indulgence and internet politics can add to my experience as a gamer.
    The kinda gaming culture I’m into seems to have died with things like Twitch, loot boxes, and outrage over not being able to have your Persona MC be gay.
    I’m gonna let myself be old and withdrawn from this shit. Life’s full of too much fun shit to waste on Dr Disrespect and millenial angst.

    • Given the apparent average age of a Twitch user is 21, they are in that gossipy, social, time rich era of life. So it makes sense that what sells.

    • #notalltwitchstreamers

      I’m not hugely into watching Twitch, I’ll only tune in when Games Done Quick is on.

      But it seems you avoid twitch, so you’ll only ever hear about the streamers that cause drama.. so you’ll avoid it more in a negative feedback loop.

      Which is a shame when there’s the 95% of streamers who just play games and don’t act like fuckwits. (just to clarify, not saying you should watch twitch, it’s still a colossal waste of time for the most part)

      • I don’t think it’s a k-hole I want to climb into. I’m content budgeting time for my own gaming, ya know? Maybe it’s a “stage of life” thing as well. Time has become so precious…

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