Everything Devolver Announced At E3 2019

If anyone has the energy we need to get through E3, it's Nina Struthers, Devolver's Chief Synergy Officer. Or so we thought.

Last year's conference introduced LootBoxCoin and Metal Wolf Chaos. Nina Struthers came on stage by breaking the neck of an executive who talked about launching a new battle royale game. Four game reveals were teased prior to the event,

The first announcement was a series of bootleg games, eight rip-offs of Devolver games including Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon (called Enter the Gun Dungeon), Super Absolver Mini: Turbo Fighting Championship.

Outside of the weird bit as a shitty late night talk show, Devolver revealed Fall Guys and Carrion. The former is a game about flinging players through rounds and rounds of obstacles — almost like marbles rolling down a course — until only one player remains, while Carrion is pitched as a "reverse horror game".

"Stalk and consume those that imprisoned you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility," Carrion's description says. Both games are due for release in 2020.

Enter the Gungeon and The Messenger also got new DLC: Picnic Panic and House of the Gundead, respectively. Picnic Panic is a tropical, super vibrant version of The Messenger that looks fantastic, and it'll be out on July 11 across all platforms. It's also free for all players.

The rest of the conference — more of a Direct, really — was more of an overarching story about Devolver transitioning to direct marketing video, with another executive vying for power while Struthers remains motionless in a chair. It's ... it's weird. But what else would you expect?


    Enter the Gungeon and The Messenger also got new DLC: Picnic Panic and House of the Gundead, respectively.I think you might have your order around the wrong way. Respectively the order should be House of the Gundead and Picnic Panic, unless I missed something and they're crossover DLC?

    I tuned in when they were on the couch. Lasted 5 minutes as it was cringey as hell and not at all enjoyable..

      Basically how every Devolver show has been the past few years for me. Doesn't help that I also think the guys that run the company (especially Wilson) are enormous douchebags.

      That wasn't Devolver's conference, it was a separate (but semi-related?) thing done by Twitch.

      Yea that wasn't Devolver. It was an 8 hour pre-show by Twitch themselves.

    Devolver Digital Conferences are a niche thing; you either enjoy it or hate it. I thought it was fun, especially poking fun at Nintendo Direct. I also like how it continues with each year & is only 20 mins long.

      'This. I really like how these guys are clearly in for the fun of developing games, which honestly and by definition, shouldn't be too "srs bsns". You can tell that they're not trying to chase trends or that their decisions are not governed by words such as "demographics" or "market studies".

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