Everything Announced During Kinda Funny's E3 2019 Showcase

Designed to highlight the smaller games and projects that don't normally get highlighted during E3, the Kinda Funny Showcase did what it said on the box: showcase lots and lots of games very quickly.

Kicking off the case with Bloodroots and the hamster beat-em-up Hamsterdam, the showcase blew through games at a huge rate of knots. Some of the games were launching today; others were indies making the jump to consoles or the Switch for the first time, as in the case of the visual novel One Night Stand.

The opening sections focused on each game for about 20 to 30 seconds each. VR also had a small highlight during the show, with a couple of games hitting PSVR and others hitting the more powerful headsets.

Some of the standout games include Rawmen, which looks like the closest thing PC players will get to Splatoon. It's literally naked men throwing soup at each other.

Remember that skateboarding pidgeon? Skatebird had a new trailer in the conference, and a 2020 release date. Some of the games had been announced or revealed prior to the conference, but it was still a nice collection of things you don't see much of: a game about a giant hand, rhythm games, and Monster Prom 2.

We'll update this as more trailers become available, but below are all the games revealed during the showcase. You can also rewatch the video in full at the bottom of the post.


    That’s so not everything announced. Name all the things!

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