Watch The Kinda Funny E3 2019 Showcase Here

Watch The Kinda Funny E3 2019 Showcase Here

We’re not done with all the announcements yet. You want more indies? Then here’s 60 more to look at.

The show will kick off from 0930 AEST / 0730 AWST / 1130 NZST / 0900 ACST. The last Kinda Funny showcase, which was an online-only event, had a ton of interesting indies including Super Meat Boy Forever, Quarantine Circular, Toejam & Earl: Back In The Groove, Vane, Supermarket Shriek, and the cyberpunk racer Desert Child.

E3 2019: How to watch the Kinda Funny Showcase

You can watch the direct through the YouTube link below or their official Twitch channel.

What indies would you like to see more of? Besides Untitled Goose Game, obviously.

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