eBay's Selling Games And Tech Again, But Also ... Fur Masks?

Right now, the eBay auction site is doing what a lot of other places do at this time of year: have a sale. There's nothing surprising about that. But as part of the end of financial year clearance, there's some, uh, surprise discounts.

Moving wolf masks, anyone?

The official sale is part of a site-wide end of financial year deal, and there's a lot of the usual suspects being discounted. You'll need to spend a minimum of $200 this time around, so it's not quite as good as a flat discount on individual items.

And as always, not every eBay store is participating. But Global Gear, a store that specialises in a ton of weird geek stuff like a Halo energy swords, Guardians of the Galaxy Groot flower pots, licensed merchandise, samurai swords and other things that's rife for cosplaying, are.

Also: they have costumes.

The store isn't selling full on fursuits, although that is absolutely a thing you can buy on eBay. But you can get a bunch of "moving mouth" animal masks, ranging from this abomination which is guaranteed to haunt my dreams for the next thousand years...

Oh god

... or whatever the fresh hell is going on here.

This is how I die

In the Kotaku offices, we always tend to check out the end of financial year sales because, usually, there's some decent tech and games going for a song. I got a laptop a couple of years ago; others have picked up noise cancelling headphones, some bargain bin Xbox games, a spare controller, and what have you. It's not a bad deal.

But moving fur masks? Well ... that's not usually something that crops up. So if that's your thing ... go forth and be free. Enjoy your fur-discount. And maybe pick up some sick figurines for D&D while you're at it (this hellbound skull and dragon looks sick).

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    Giant parrot masks would absolutely terrify my partner's birds... tempting!

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