How To Restore ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ To Evangelion On Netflix

How To Restore ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ To Evangelion On Netflix
Image: Netflix

Thanks to licensing nightmares, Netflix’s worldwide distribution (outside of Japan) of Evangelion is missing one crucial piece — the soothing covers of Fly Me To The Moon after every episode. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix that.

Called The Ending of Evangelion, the extension is a simple 40kb addition that’s designed to fix one of the easiest glitches in Netflix’s Evangelion distribution. If you’re viewing Netflix through a browser, the extension adds a small window that plays Rei I in the top left, while changing the end credits to Japanese.

The extension can be a little fiddly — I had to restart Chrome several times before it started playing Fly Me To The Moon and not just the Rei theme that Netflix has pushed out to Western audiences.

But it does play the different versions of Evangelion as promised (you can check each of the covers through this handy video). You still have to force play the end credits to completion, of course, but at least it restores a bit of the original localisation that’s been surprisingly lost with Netflix’s distribution.

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To add the Ending of Evangelion extension to your browser, head here.

Thanks to Rick for the tip!


  • Thanks for the tip. I watched the first couple last night and it feels really weird without it. A nice calming bookend to an otherwise disturbing series.

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