Everything Announced During The UploadVR Showcase

Everything Announced During The UploadVR Showcase

If you’re miffed that E3 doesn’t have enough rhythm shooters and stealth VR sequences, fortunately there was an extra showcase this year to whet your appetite.

Following in the steps of PC Gamer, UploadVR announced this year that they’d be holding their own developer showcase. It was a direct-to-YouTube affair, inspired by Nintendo and PlayStation’s broadcasts in the past, featuring a string of pre-recorded trailers and developer pitches.

Most of the conference was PC based, although there were a few PSVR-compatible games announced. The showcase led with Helm Systems’ The SoulKeeper VR, a brooding medieval magical fantasy game with dragon riding, environmental storytelling, lots of decapitation and some Skyrim vibes.

Harmonix’s Audica was there as well, announcing their largest update with a new environment, leaderboard features, and a weapon set.

Budget Cuts was one of the PSVR compatible games shown off. The game was originally a tech demo for the HTC Vive, and one of the first games to incorporate teleportation for movement.

It launched for Vive and the Rift last year, but it’s scheduled for a PSVR release this spring.

The makers of Firewall Zero Hour announced another multiplayer VR shooter, Solaris: Offworld Conflict, while Boneworks was a bizarre game for mixed reality, Valve Index, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Pistol Whip was described as a rhythm shooter, although it’s more like being in a music video rather than being an on-rails shooter.

All in all, 20 different trailers dropped over the course of the presentation. You can see the rest of the reveals below.

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