Exclusive: The Global Forecast Calls For Zombie Mayhem In This DCeased Preview

In DC Comics’ DCeased—from writer Tom Taylor and a cavalcade of artists including Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudiano, Rain Beredo, and Saida Temofonte—the world’s villains and heroes alike are taken by surprise when an Apokolips-borne techno-organic virus makes its way to Earth and quickly begins transforming people into rage-filled zombies.

Because the virus is able to insert itself into the minds of anyone who witnesses it (after being uploaded onto the internet), it immediately devastates the world and forces the Justice Leaguers to mobilize and do what they can to survive. Playing the hero isn’t exactly an option when nearly everyone on the planet has turned into a monster, after all.

DCeased’s first issue ended on a cliffhanger in the Batcave just as Batman learned that a number of his wards had succumbed to the virus, and in io9’s exclusive preview of this week’s new issue, we get a glimpse of how everyone else is faring in this strange, new world.

DCeased #2 hits stores this Wednesday.


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