Expect Some Blur With The Witcher 3 On Switch

So, Geralt's rolling mission to play Gwent throughout the land is coming to the Switch. That's a huge achievement in and of itself, but if you're playing in handheld, here's a heads up for what you're in for.

The official Twitter account confirmed that the open-world RPG, which is shipping with all the post-launch story and cosmetic DLC, would run at a maximum resolution of 720p when running in docked mode. That's on par with other first-person shooters and graphically intensive games that have made the jump to the Switch (DOOM, Wolfenstein 2 comes to mind).

When playing in handheld, the resolution would drop down to 540p. Dynamic resolution would be enabled throughout, so it's likely — as seen in DOOM — that some images and battles would see the resolution drop further. DOOM ran closer to 600p most of the time in docked mode, and it'd be likely that certain effects and buffers would be rendered at vastly lower resolutions to maintain performance in intensive scenes.

In the original trailer, you can already see some evidence of this. In the initial scenes where the crow lands on the hanging men, there's very little detail, texture and no shadows on the hanging bodies, the crow, or their hooded masks. In the wider shot where the tree and hanged men are at distance, there's little to no anti-aliasing (notice the shimmer on the bodies as they sway). The shot of Geralt on Roach also seems like it'll be telling — Geralt's hair looks flat and almost like a single, full texture, and there's noticeable artifacting around Roach.

None of this is a major criticism — the fact that Witcher 3 even runs on the Switch is nothing short of remarkable, when you consider the game's hardware requirements versus the Switch's capabilities in handheld or docked mode. I doubt CDR would release the game if it was in a unplayable state, but it's also good to know what to expect going in.

The studio also published more screenshots captured from the Switch earlier this morning.

Will you give The Witcher 3 another go on the Switch?


    My wallet says no.

    My brain, heart, and soul already know it's time for a handheld play through.

    I'm just amazed that the game fits at all onto the Switch.

      It'll be the first game to use 32GB cartridges.

        Apparently there's some Dragon Quest collection that came out near launch that also used a 32GB cart, and this is the first game since then to do so.

    I already put about 200 hours into this game. I don't know if I should envy or pity people who have enough spare time to contemplate replaying a game like this :P

    While noticeably less impressive looking than the other console/PC versions, I'm actually still pretty impressed with how it looks. I feel a weird amount of undeserved pride for the Switch. It's like the little engine that could.

      The Switch is smashing it out of the ball park. I bet this will be the first of a new generation of hardware and Sony/Microsoft will consider branching out.

    The Punching Weight of fitting this on the Switch is remarkable.

    For anyone who hasn't played this yet and has the option, please play it on a console or PC that has the grunt to do the game justice.

      I genuinely can't [wait for the Switch to be far enough in the past for Stop Skeletons From Fighting to do Punching Weight episodes on it.

        It definitely has some candidates thats for sure.

    I’ve wanted to play this through again for ages & this is undoubtedly how i’m going to do it, time allowing of course! Incredible they’ve got it running at all!

    Have no problem whatsoever with sacrificing graphical fidelity, i jut hope they go far enough with it, would rather it looks dreadful & runs well than looks ok & is choppy etc.

    If it looks and runs anything like the trailer - I can't wait.

    Bought Witcher on ps4 last year. Didn’t play very much since there were other games I wanted to use my ps4 for and it felt like too much of a time sink. If this runs well I’ll defintely consider picking it up for switch

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