Sick, A $3592 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Watch

Sick, A $3592 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Watch
Image: Square Enix

Releasing video games is so ’90s. These days, you really need to exploit nostalgia for all it’s worth.

That worth, apparently, is $2500. That’s how much it’ll cost you to get a Seiko-made, Sephiroth themed Final Fantasy watch. (Sorry, chronograph.) Launching at the same time as the FF7 remake, Square Enix are selling two models — the all black and an all silver, called Cloud Strife — for a fucking astronomical $US2499. That’s almost $3600 Australian, not including whatever exorbitant shipping you get slapped on top.




I mean, sure, it’s a nice watch. And by watch, I mean prototype. We don’t know what the end product will look like, although you’d hope it’s pretty close to the render if you were going to drop thousands of dollars on a piece of jewellery.

But you can also get an official Seiko Quartz watch with very similar styling … for $275.

Power to you if you buy this, but if you know anyone genuinely thinking about it, please. Help them.


        • Well that’s like two bucks since their money system would be rounded to the 100, like Japan, so that’s not too bad

          • This tracks with my time in Japan. Public transport, alcohol and food were all obscenely cheap. It’s gotta be impossible to starve in that country. Accommodation/rent, though… holy cow.

  • I am sure if cloud and sephiroth wore watches these wouldnt be it.
    For that kind of money and for some kind of tie in I am sure they could have done something even more gimmicky.

    Why not a digital watch, where you can pop the watch out and slot it in, calling it a Materia watch. Have on the back of it the Shinra logo.
    The battery could be measured in Mako energy and the charger could look like a Materia Slot

    • I assume it’d break all the time and they didn’t wanna be on the hook for constant repairs?

      • Yeah more than likely, and if it was measured in Mako energy not doubt some tiny terrorists would try and blow up its reactor

  • It is a bit unfair to compare the cost to a Quartz chronograph.

    This watch is an automatic and I can’t find another Seiko chronograph with automatic movement to compare to.

    The cheapest automatic with only time complication comes in at around 600AUD.

  • Ummm, sure compare it to an entry level cheap Seiko when it obviously isn’t! Particularly using a website as reference that doesn’t even sell premium Seiko watches. Watches can have hugely different prices, and it comes down to materials, build quality, and movement type. And it rarely has anything to do with what they look like from a distance. It is hard to tell anything from just an image. But it is looking to be a build roughly in the presage or astron limited edition variety. Depending on the materials used these often sell for what is being asked, or more. I am guessing it is a flavour of presage watch, as these top out around what is being asked. As opposed to an Astron which this would be a starter price for and go much higher.

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