Google Stadia Games Probably Won't Be Any Cheaper

Image: Google Stadia Launch at GDC 2019.

There's already plenty of scepticism around Google's Stadia streaming service. One way Google could counter that is by offering a discounted rate for individual games, but the Google Stadia chief has more or less knocked that idea on the head.

Chasing up the company for more clarity on pricing, Eurogamer spoke to Stadia head Phil Harrison at a roundtable with British games media. The group asked whether individual games would be charged at the same rate as purchasing the game digitally or through retail, and Harrison suggested that games would still be priced the same, with the value coming from their portability.

"I don't know why it would be cheaper ... the value you get from the game on Stadia means you can play it on any screen in your life - TV, PC, laptop, tablet, phone," Harrison is quoted as saying.

Stadia's current model is split across two subscription tiers, the free Stadia Base model that offers 1080p/60fps support and a $US10/month model that enables 4K resolutions, 5.1 surround sound, a rotating library of free games and "exclusive discounts on select game purchases".

Harrison couldn't confirm the individual pricing of any games, or even what a rough figure might be. It's not long until the service launches internationally — Stadia will go live overseas from November with the release of The Founder's Edition, but Australians aren't expected to get access to Stadia until 2020 at the earliest.

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    It won’t be cheaper at all - unless they can get a Game Pass style deal going, but I don’t think Google has much pull with game devs to do that outside of some indie devs. I don’t think any of the services will be a “Netflix for games”

    Good to see Phil Harrison building on his reputation for completely screwing up new gaming platform launches.

    Stadia is gonna be a colossal shitshow.

      Truth be told I don't think it matters who is at the head really, streaming based gaming platforms are going to naturally struggle for a long time. Stadia will be no different than a lot of the other Alphabet ventures, left to fade away.

    So... what happens to my games library if Stadia goes tits up?

      It goes bye bye. You're not paying to own the software, you're only paying for the right to access the software via google's online live service.

        I'm not sure about that. If you're paying for a full price game and the game is available on PC/console you could potentially get access to it on PC. But then you'd need hardware capable of running it. It's going to depend I think on individual publishers and their attitudes as well.

        Google are making their cut a few ways, the premium subscription obviously, but likely fees to developers to host the game on Stadia and less obviously through increased ad revenue. You can bet that they're advertising on the platform and making money from that.

        Their last couple selling points are a bit iffy for me. I mean every game seller offers discounts. Steam, GOG and Humble offer great sales all the time. Heck even brick & mortar like EB Games or JB have gaming sales, and they're not exclusives. As for the free games, if they're on a rotating basis does that mean you get say Destiny 2 for free this month but if you want to keep playing it afterwards you'll have to buy it? Great marketing tool to capture new sales if that's the case.

        I can't see myself signing up for this, I already have 4k and 5.1 (actually 7.1) surround sound so to achieve parity I'd need to pay an extra $10 a month. No thanks.

    Instead off a pass gives acess to everything or the other extreme individual tittles. How about meet in the middle and do packages, you know like foxtel. /s

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