Grab A Switch From Amazon For $367

Grab A Switch From Amazon For $367
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If you’ve been holding out for a Switch, now’s not a bad time to grab one.

It’s not as good as the $300 deal on Black Friday, but given standard pricing is around $399 or the $450 mark, $367 isn’t a bad deal. That’s how much Amazon are charging for the neon red/blue and gray JoyCon bundles, and you can get it delivered by Monday afternoon if you’ve got Amazon Prime (or if you use the 30-day free trial).

For more info on the deal, head here. There’s more offers on video games here, including $64 for Super Mario Maker 2 and Smash Ultimate for $68. But if you’re looking for a list of games to get with a Switch, here’s our handy list…

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(As a 13th game, add Golf Story to the list. It’s that good.)


  • I want a Switch to play the upcoming Pokemon and Fire Emblem, but I’m hesitant to get one right now because of all those rumours of a new model coming soon.

    • Sales like this one come around all the time, the black friday sales will probably be even better.

      A more powerful switch would be awesome because quite a few games have slowdown when a lot is happening on the screen.

    • Yeah now is not the time to buy a Switch. I’ve been following it closely and all signs point to a September refresh. Unless the low price is attractive and you don’t care much about iterative improvements.

  • I never understood this. “Switch is on sale, get one now!” – yet it still costs more than an actual console (read, xbone, ps4).

    • Those consoles have totally different functionality and are several years older. Is not apples to apples. It’s not even apples to pears.

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