How An Aussie Game Almost Wound Up In Black Mirror

How An Aussie Game Almost Wound Up In Black Mirror

In the first episode of Black Mirror‘s fifth season, one character chides a friend for playing a “boring” game — which turns out to be Tetris Effect. But as of a year ago, that “boring” game could have been the Australian-made Death Squared, the developer revealed today.

Death Squared was first released on PC in 2017, before getting a mobile, console and Switch release thereafter. It’s made by Sydney developers SMG Studio, the same team behind One More Line.

As it turns out, they were also in talks with the producers behind Black Mirror to have the game featured on the show:

SMG Studio sent over sound effects, game footage and music to help the episode’s production. But the producers ultimately decided to go in another direction.

The episode itself features a little bit of Tetris Effect, along with Striking Vipers, a VR game that’s similar to Street Fighter. The VR element interfaces with players through a circular disc that attaches to the side of your head; it’s a little akin to the indicators from Detroit: Become Human.

As for Death Squared, there’s still hope for a cameo. Black Mirror has dovetailed a lot with video games over the past five seasons — the choose-your-own-adventure Bandersnatch not withstanding. Maybe a future episode could do something with the Aussie puzzler. Imagine two people getting dropped into Death Squared and having to survive, Portal-style. That’d be freakish.


  • I think it’s because Tetris is more recognisable to people which is why they went with it instead.

    I wouldn’t have recognised Death Squared as I haven’t played it, I however (as many others I’m sure) can with any variation of Tetris.

    Also would any developer want there game described as “a boring game”

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