I’m Leah, The New Writer/Producer at Kotaku Australia!

Ever caught a meteor with your bare hands? It takes time to get used to the heat and the pain, but it’s a good cure for loneliness.

Hi, I’m Leah, the newest writer/producer working across Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker Australia. My mum thinks I’m a pretty big deal, so you probably should too. I’m here to talk about me - but I’m pretty bad at that, so I’m going to introduce you to the things that I love instead.

You’ll notice there’s a pretty grim quote at the start of this article. It’s not Shakespeare, it’s a quote from what is (unironically) my favourite game - The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS. I love it so much, I’ve written multiple features about it across the World Wide Web.


See, you’d think for a DS adaptation of a prestigious PC franchise, the game would be a licensed shit show of clichés and cheap gameplay - but you would be very, very wrong. The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS has a fantastic story, a great cast of characters, and I love it. I love it a lot.

It has a a mummy. And a cow-worshipping goth cult. And a space alien emperor who’s constantly trying to overtake your hotel. Also, a superhero called the Raticator? And uh… robots. You’ll love it, trust me.

When I’m not replaying The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS, I’m writing - a lot. You’ll find some of my work on IGN, The AU Review, Supanova Expo and Green Man Gaming. You might also find it on my Twitter page, where I ponder Life’s Big Questions.

On a related note, I’m really into professional wrestling. Like, really into it. When I’m not spending time at PWA’s weekend shows (shout out to the lads), I’m designing and sewing wrestling gear. Because life is wild sometimes, I’ve had my gear featured in New Japan Pro Wrestling - twice. I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I guess something is going right.

I’m super excited to be joining the team working across Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker Australia, and I hope you’re all looking forward to me sneaking in wrestling references whenever and wherever possible. Follow me on Twitter and feed my steadily growing ego.



    Don't let Alex scare you.

      me or the coffee/yoghurt situation

        Is the situation "whether to keep them separate or mixed together"?

          I assumed it was his wrestling name. "In this corner, The Coffee/Yoghurt Situation!"

    Welcome! Now for the dealbreaker questions.

    If you were to pick three wrestlers in history, who would you say is the best entertainer, the best in-ring performer, and the best all-rounder?

      This is a big question!

      Entertainer - Chris Jericho
      In-ring Performer - Kenny Omega or Ricochet
      All-rounder - Eddie Guerrero

    I don't understand professional wrestling at all, but I'll welcome you anyway.

    Welcome, always good to have more Aussie writers.

    You should make Alex a wrestling costume, he's always going on about how he doesn't have one.

    Welcome, let me tell ya brother, its hard times being a wrestling fan at the moment.
    The main product isnt great, the wild card rule is silly, its still early days with AEW.
    Hard times. [/lisp]

    The world will always welcome those who willingly sell their soul for that one extra Twitter follower, while the very tiny minority will always ponder where the real world died and the fake too over...

    If you were stranded on a deserted island, which two people would you like to be stuck with?

    Also, hola and welcome! :D
    Looking forward to seeing what you write :)


    Questions: You mentioned doing gear for wrestlers, who have you created for? and what are your rates for gear?

    Welcome to the Kotaku community, looking forward to reading some upcoming stories.

    Rather than a whole lot of copy and paste tweets by others who shall remain nameless lol.

    Welcome, Leah. Most importantly though, we need to get your take on fairy bread and Tim Tams ... we’ve only just finished wiping the taste of steel cut oats from our mouth and I don’t think we can sustain any more terrible takes

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