JB Are Selling Switches For $399

It's not as good as the $300 Black Friday deal, but it's still a Switch, and a cheaper Switch is still handy to have.

JB are selling grey and neon versions of the Switch for $399 through their online store. That's a little below the usual $469 RRP, although JB's offering doesn't come with any games.

If you are looking for extra value from this, remember that Fortnite, Warframe, Paladins and Tetris 99 — the latter if you fork out for the Nintendo Switch Online monthly sub — are all available for free.

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If you are in need of some extra ideas for what to grab with a new Switch, we've got some local recommendations below.

Golf Story Is Just Adorable

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I've Thoroughly Enjoyed Diablo 3 On The Loo

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As a heads up, if JB runs out of stock, Amazon are selling the Neon and Grey consoles for $398. No discounts on the Diablo or Smash bundles, though.


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