Konami's Big E3 Announcement: A TurboGrafx-16 Mini

Mini consoles are a publisher's dream, so it's no surprise that Konami would jump on the bandwagon with their own retro console: the TurboGrafx 16 Mini.

Marking the console's 30th anniversary — it first launched in the US in 1989 — the TurboGrafx Mini is about double the size of a SNES Classic or PS Classic. It's going to be released in three different regions as the PC Engine Core Grafx mini, the PC Engine mini and the TurboGrafx-16 mini, with the PC Engine Core Grafx mini released in Europe and the TurboGrafx-16 released in the United States.

It'll ship with six titles:

  • Alien Crush
  • Dungeon Explorer
  • Ys Book 1 & 2
  • Ninja Spirit
  • New Adventure Island
  • R-Type

Konami confirmed that a separate attachment would be released with the consoles to enable 5-player multiplayer in Dungeon Explorer. More about the console is due to be announced later this year, although they confirmed the console would include quick saves. No word on whether the console will be released in Australia yet.


    Hmm, FPGA, SoC, or Emulation.

    Please be one of the first two so maybe SuperGrafx prices come down to something reasonable, lol.

    Wait, only 6 games? That can't be right, surely? That's gotta mean there are 6 games currently announced with more to come. Only shipping with 6 games is a joke.

    Also why would they include Alien Crush and not the far superior sequel Devil's Crush?

    I think they should have at least 16 games if it's a TurboGrafx-16.
    I like the Japanese Game list a bit better:
    - Bonk's Adventure
    - Dungeon Explorer
    - Ys I and II
    - The Kung Fu/China Warrior
    - Super Star Soldier
    - Dracula X

    Gonna import the Japanese one and hopefully get one of the other ones locally. If not I'll import a European one. The US one looks a bit too big to be a mini to me.

      Yeah that does look like a better lineup. This was a great chance for them to finally localise Dracula X and release it to western markets officially but nooooo.

      Also, Bonk was kinda the mascot for the TB16 so not including Bonk's Adventure on the international version is weird.

      I'm expecting them to announce more games for this thing, they can't possibly expect people to buy it with only 6 included games. Not when the NES mini had 30, SNES mini had 21, SNK mini had around 40, the upcoming Mega Drive mini will have 42, and even the Playstation Mini had 20 included games. What the heck are they thinking only including 6?

    As someone who used to buy Gamepro and EGM every month and gawk at what was available overseas, I really want this to release here!

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