New Battlefield V Easter Egg Makes Players Build A Stairway Into The Sky

The Battlefield series is renowned for its easter eggs. Whether it’s locked doors that take a year to open, giant sharks, or extremely well-hidden guns, there’s always something hiding in the shadows. A new easter egg for Battlefield V adds a pinch of Fortnite to the game, with a building challenge that extends high into the sky and might include more secrets if players can reach the top.

YouTuber DANNYonPC, a Battlefield player always on the cutting edge of easter egg discoveries, revealed a new secret yesterday.

It is a tricky challenge to build a stairway into the sky, complete with rockets to dodge and ominous messages as players progress. It can be found in Battlefield V’s practice range and requires four players to activate.

If players coordinate and stand on four plates hidden on the map, they gain the ability to use their building tools to construct staircases up into the clouds. These staircases break over time, meaning that players who want to get as high as possible need to work quickly.

There are multiple paths to follow, some of which lead to dead ends. The result is a sort of vertical maze. YouTubers like jackfrags and players on Reddit are working to see how high they can climb and if there’s anything else to be found.

Battlefield easter eggs tend to snowball into larger secrets. Strange Morse code messages in Battlefield 1 originally led to hidden dogtags, and having those dogtags eventually allowed players to access a dangerous gas-filled maze.

Successfully navigating that maze led player to find a special revolver.

Similarly, a hunt to find a giant shark on one level shifted into a months-long unravelling of secret codes that culminated in a locked door opening.

The room had leaking pipes dripping water in Morse code. Decoding that revealed the announcement date for Battlefield V. Climbing these stairs in Battlefield V leads to headphones that allow players to hear yet another Morse code message. That message hasn’t been decoded yet.

Battlefield V has slowly expanded since its launch in November 2018 with new maps and story missions but it hasn’t quite had as many huge easter eggs as its predecessor.

With new discoveries finally offering challenges and mysteries that tease further secrets, Battlefield V comes closer to the silliness of previous games. What comes next? Godzilla monsters? An alien ray-gun? Dinner for two at New York’s finest restaurant? Only time will tell.

Until then, players will simply keep climbing that stairway to Heaven.


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