Ni No Kuni’s Remaster Is Looking Beautiful, Of Course

Ni No Kuni’s Remaster Is Looking Beautiful, Of Course
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2011’s Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch still looks amazing, so it doesn’t really need a remaster for its new platforms. But it’s getting one, and everyone with a Switch, PS4 and/or PC who hasn’t played it is in for a treat.

While the more recent sequel was released on a wider array of platforms, the original—which features contributions from Studio Ghibli on art design—was only available on PS3 (the DS version was something quite different).

So this remaster is also just a great excuse for more people to check out an absolute classic.

UPDATE: Ah, I should clarify that the PS4 and PC version is a remaster; the Switch edition is just the original PS3 game.

(Like me! I loved this on PS3 but never finished it because I had a baby at the time and a massive JRPG just wasn’t viable, so I’m really looking forward to getting back into it on PC).

Here’s the remaster trailer, released earlier today by Namco Bandai:

God it’s gorgeous. Just for comparison’s sake, though, here’s a trailer for the original, which was released in Japan in 2011 and the West in 2013:

The remaster is out on September 20.


  • The Ghibli opening is stunning… but the gameplay and pokemon like system – not for me at all. And I stopped playing when I realised that the Ghibli contributions fell away to nothing. I watched the end of the game on youtube and decided the grinding to get there was in no way worth it.
    I can understand this would seem attractive to someone who hasn’t played it as it was a PS3 exclusive – but my advice would be to just watch the first 30min to get 90% of the value.

    • Heh, for me it was the opposite – I’d started to grow a little weary of the cutesy-yet-morbid Ghibli fascination with making orphans of young children and having them save imaginary worlds as a coping mechanism, and the pokemon shit was right up my alley.

      Although ultimately I got so bogged down in the collecting/min-maxing that I ended up not actually progressing. Just like every other game that allows the same: from Shin Megami Tensei to every Pokemon ever.

    • I hope it comes with the book. And kinda wonder whether it would be backwards-compatible with the DS game using that translation patch…

  • I loved this game on PS3, won’t get the remaster as I haven’t quite found the time to start the sequel yet. The Pokemon aspect and Ghibli animations were fantastic.

    My gripe with the game would be “You learned X spell to use in the overworld”. Then you use it once to get past a gated obstacle and never need it again. Rinse and repeat a fair few times. There’s almost no use for the spell once you’ve used it that one time.

  • At first I was wondering why the Switch isn’t getting the remaster, but looking at the trailers… the original somehow looks better anyway?

  • Is it just me or does all that dynamic lightning take away from the cell-shaded look that made the gameplay graphics look so close to the original animation?

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