One Dude Was Really Into Bethesda's Press Conference

Picture: Todd Howard, who may or may not have been into all the yelling

Monday's Bethesda press conference was full of cool announcements like Doom Eternal details and Arkane’s rad looking new game Deathloop. It was also much rowdier than past conferences. That’s mostly good: fans had stuff to be excited about. At least one dude was absolutely loving it. To quote him: “YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!”

Part of the fun of having general admission to press conferences is getting a raw reaction from excited fans. Without enthusiastic players and excited devs, we wouldn’t have enjoyed Keanu Reeves telling a crowd that they’re “breathtaking” during Microsoft’s presentation.

It’s nice to see real people and real excitement. Hell, the guy who shouted at Reeves apparently got a free copy of Cyberpunk 2077.

What did the one terrifyingly enthusiastic Bethesda guy love? He loved dragons. He loved being the most important part of Tamriel. He loved having more servers. He loved Necromancers. He loved men with beards walking on stage. He loved knowing that Deathloop was “really fucking cool.”

We should all be lucky enough to have a man who loves anything we do as much as this mysterious man loved all things Bethesda. You can watch in this fantastic montage by Twitter user theSirToasty.

Presenters were caught somewhere between amused and a bit annoyed. Zenimax Online studio director Matt Firor particularly found many of his announcements cut off by raucous “WOOOOs” and “YEEEEEAAAAHs.” Was this mysterious man a studio employee, psyched to see The Elder Scrolls Online on stage? Was he simply a mega-fan? I don’t know; I wasn’t there to investigate. Whatever the case, those whoops and hollers danced the line between charming and bit disruptive.

Fan enthusiasm isn’t a bad thing. Some of E3’s magic (such as it is) comes from the unbridled excitement of the audience both in person and around the world. Will I remember the Youngblood trailer or details about Doom Eternal’s demons vs. Doomslayer multiplayer mode? Not really. But I will remember this dude shouting “YEEEEEEEEAAAAHHH!”


    I knew Bethesda had money, but not Ric Flair money!

    Last edited 11/06/19 9:45 am

    "You're breathtaking," guy earned his copy and then some in memetic marketing value alone.

      As @luke said below, the hyped Bethesda guy was just a nuisance and seemed fake. Breathtaking guy was genuine and seriously thought Keanu was breath taking.

    Come on many of the Bethesda screamers were clearly paid shills. No one cares that much about mobile games and micro transactions.

      If last year's E3 was anything to go by they aren't paid shills they are actually Bethesda staff members in the front few rows.

    The thing is that the cheers felt fake, forced and OTT, especially when someone shouted "thank you" when they announced human NPC's for FO76. The whole thing felt incredibly cringey.

    I get that some organisations pay for audience cheerers to drum up an applause but they have to keep it subtle.

      When he yelled "YEAHHHH!!!" when they said "...and we know you love mobile games." I was 99.99% that the bloke was a plant for Bethesda.

      It was really distracting. And it just made me dislike the games they were announcing

    Surely everyone knoed someone like that? Gets super excited for one thing, so much so they have to tell everyone in a loud voice l. I think he was one of those guys. No conspirators hidding in Bethesda shadows.

    Tinfoil hat time.

    I swear every time they showed a wide shot of the audience when all the clapping and cheering was going on, not a single person past the 3rd row was actually doing either.

    I think Bethesda knew that the community wasn't happy with the after the last years debacles, so they hired a few rows of plants/employee's so that all their announcements weren't just greeted by crickets.

      Trying to avoid Diablo Immortal style awkward silence and camera-pans of disgusted faces and folded arms?

    You can pretty much assume the first 2-3 rows of the most enthusiastic people are actually staff members

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