Our Favourite Cosplay From MCM London Comic Con 2019

Twice a year, London plays host to one of the biggest nerd shows in all of Europe, as well over 100,000 fans cram into the ExCel convention centre in the British capital for panels, merch, parties and of course cosplay.

Our previous coverage of the show has relied on the kindness of local photographers, but for the first time this year our own photographer MIneralblu was able to attend, and you’ll see a selection of his images (as well as a cosplay music video) from the show below.


    More specifically, she's wearing the Odogoron armour, not cosplaying as the beast itself.

    Also I wish Mineralblue would use a little more contrast for some of the text on the photos. It can be hard to read, especially on light backgrounds.

    Great photos, as usual, though. I never really think of the UK as having a big cosplay scene, so it's good to see this stuff from there.

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