Pokémon Themed Wedding Rings

Image: U-Treasure

Need the perfect ring to pop the question for your official Pokémon wedding? Well, here you go!

Japan’s U-Treasure is offering Poké Ball jewellery cases and Pikachu and Mew themed rings.

Image: U-Treasure
Image: U-Treasure

The engagement rings start at around ¥73,000 ($971), though the ones pictured go for more, while the case is ¥12,960 ($172). The Master Ball case is available for a limited time.


    Wow that's a lot cheaper than I thought it would be

      The prices do not include the diamond, at least according to the google translation. The Pikachu ring is 135'000 yen + diamond

    It's cute, but does kind of imply that you're trying to capture your partner with a wedding ring.

      And you're not doing that anyway when you ask them to marry you? Like, come on, don't be wired.

      The hilarious (and horrifying) comparisons are endless.
      I keep imagining a bride or groom throwing the ball at the partners head and then stuffing them full of candy until they evolve into their mother or farther.

        I'm sure a lot of people would love to be able to keep their partner stuck inside a ball and only bring them out whenever they feel like it.

      Haha YES!!!

      Then we can get together and pit our partners against each other in a pokemon battle XD

    Can't wait to see the first proposal fail while using a master ball.

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