Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 And Horizon Chase Turbo Are July’s PlayStation Plus Games

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 And Horizon Chase Turbo Are July’s PlayStation Plus Games
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July’s PlayStation Plus games are here, and if you like soccer or cars you’ll be pleased. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active PlayStation Plus membership.

July’s PS Plus games are:

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

  • Horizon Chase Turbo


  • I just had a hankering to play some Master League last week and put Pro Evo on my wishlist waiting for a sale. Pretty happy to see this news!

  • I’m sure this will make some happy but whenever there’s a month like this I’m left wondering, we lost PS3/Vita games for this?

    • Yeah, I don’t think I could be any less excited, even if this month’s titles were a coule indie side-scrolling schmups/platformers.

  • PES is bloody awesome. I generally buy it every other year. 2019 was my off year so I didn’t get this one, but looks like I’ll be giving it a go after all!

  • Speaking from a completely objective view, this month’s games aren’t THAT bad, Pro Evo is a retail game and Horizon Chase Turbo is one of those perfect ‘I want to check it out, but don’t want to pay for it’ games.

    Nevertheless, I will still say that going from 6 games a month down to 2 games has shown that the value of PS Plus is diminished. Sony needs to start throwing in a PS VR title in there that run for 2 months or so just to increase the value proposition of the offerings. 100gb of cloud is not the same as offering 48 LESS games per year. I realise I’m probably in the minority as I still have the PS3 hooked up in my rumpus room, as well as a vita kicking around somewhere, but even through crossbuy my friend who ONLY has a PS4 was getting some smaller gems.

    • Yeah, I understand the rationale behind dropping the PS3 / Vita games, but it would be nice if they’d gone to 3 PS4 games instead of 2.

      I’d stopped playing the PS3 games ages ago and only use my Vita when travelling (so maybe a couple of weeks a year). But there were some absolute gems on the cross-buy side of PS+ that I loved playing on PS4. Hell, I still play Sky Force Anniversary to this day!

  • I just discovered Iconoclast in my PS+ back catalogue and am absolutely loving it! I think it will keep me busy through July…

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