Realistic Human Face Coin Purse Is Nightmare Fuel

Gif: 44doooo

Japan’s DJ Doooo not only makes music but also wraps everyday objects in realistic-looking human flesh. The result is starting, and ghoulish.

For example, check out his iPhone case.

Here’s a better look, complete with holiday festivities.

Even the equipment he performs with gets the same treatment.

Doooo made an unusual cover for an inkan (stamp).

The stamp reads 人肉 (jin-niku) or “human flesh.”

This is not Doooo’s freakiest creation to date.

This is.


Ladies and gentleman, DJ Doooo. 


    I came here to make a joke about Gold Coast residents who look like handbags already, but then I saw the photos.

    I'm not OK with these. There is nothing OK about these.

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