Retsuko's Gonna Have It All (Or At Least Try To) In The New Aggretsuko Season 2 Trailer

Hard same, Retsuko. Hard same. (Image: Netflix/Sanrio)

And if she doesn’t? Well, at least we know how she’ll blow off steam.

Netflix just dropped a brief new teaser for the rapidly incoming second season of the delightful Sanrio animated series Aggretsuko, chronicling the latest adventures of the adorable, death metal-loving Red Panda who channels her workplace rage into cathartic karaoke sessions.

Retsuko’s latest stresses stretch beyond the workplace this season, with her co-workers and even her mother pressuring her to settle down and find a husband serving as the basis for her unbridled and alarmingly relatable fury. Will she survive the pressure? Will Haida let her know his feelings about her, at long last? We don’t know, but what we do know is that we’re extremely ready to hear Retsuko scream her way through some metal again.

Aggretsuko returns to Netflix next week, on June 14, forming a perfect “pissed-off female protagonist” tag-team with Jessica Jones. Clear your weekend schedule!

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